Embrace Your Inner Sloth (& See the Cutest/Oddest Video)

Sloths don’t have the rep for being the cutest of creatures nor the most active (hence the word, er, sloth), so you might be wondering why a fitness blog is talking about sloths. Well, because sometimes we’re all too hard on ourselves, trying to be perfect and act perfectly all the time, rushing here and there, to and fro. Sometimes you just need to sit back and…be. Now I’m no fan of laziness, but I am a fan of acting in a sloth-like manner every now and again. As you’ll see in the oddly cute video below, sloths kinda have it figured out. They share. They eat their veggies. They nap. They play. They snuggle. And they just be. I think the world could use more sloth-like qualities in it. Minus the claws, of course.

How will you be more sloth-like? —Jenn

Sad you can’t see the video? We are, too. Click here to be happy!

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  1. FBG Tish says:

    Oh, I think sometimes you even need the claws 😉

    I’m a fan of sloth behavior after really intense workouts. Hello!!! Rest those muscles so they can come back bigger and stronger!

  2. Cheryl Knott says:

    I will share my green beans even though I could eat them all myself!

  3. I try to have a “sloth day” at least once ever couple of weeks or so…its a day where I just stay in my PJs (if I want to) 🙂 and just lounge around and do whatever I please with no type of schedule or agenda.