A Revolutionary Core Workout—And You Can Win It!

Core-TransformerWe’re all trying to do more in less time—work, family, driving, BlackBerrying, all of it. And I’m all for having more free time and less “to-do” time for sure. Which is why Linda LaRue’s latest workout DVD the Core Transformer pretty much rocks my world. Or entire planetary system.

The DVD promises a lot: A three-dimensional two-in-one cardio core and constant resistance lean sculpting tubing workout. I’m not even fully sure what all that even means, but I want it. It also promises a burn of 1,000 calories if you do the whole 60-minute workout. I know—a pretty tall order. I was skeptical at first, but after about 10 minutes, I was a believer. A transformed Core Transformer devotee, if you will.

The kit is straightforward, using only a simple resistance tubing that you Velcro around your feet. You have the option to power through a 20-, 40- or 60-minute workout, plus a warm-up and cool down. But don’t be fooled by the “simple” resistance tubing’s benign look—it is the source of much muscle burning and grunting, believe me. In each workout you use the tubing as resistance when you squat, twist, kick, lunge, press, jump (the plyometrics kill!) curl and—generally—burn, baby, burn. You feel every move EVERYWHERE. Your arms. Your legs. Your abs. Your lower back. Oh, lordy, lordy, the burning. I somehow managed to complete the 60-minute workout all the way through (even Linda confessed to me while discussing Brussels sprouts that it was ridiculous for anyone to start with the hour-long workout—so don’t do what I did!) and was S-O-R-E the next day, especially in my glutes (hooray!) and my lower back (but in a good way).

All three of the workouts truly are cardio, core and strength sessions all in one. So you’re really, really saving time. And you’re seriously working your body in a way I promise you never have before unless you’ve been trained as a professional athlete. It’s super awesome. Not to mention that the instructor Raneir Pollard is extremely encouraging, funny and not the least bit overly perky or annoying. He’s also not hard to look at. Can’t beat that.

The only downside to this core workout DVD is that some of the moves are a little repetitive and the music is oddly quiet at times. But those things are really minor considering how different and revolutionary this workout really is. It delivers, people! It really delivers!

FBG Rating (Out of 5):
Instruction: ★★★★★
Long-Term Likeability: ★★★★
Music: ★★
Fun Factor: ★★★
Meets Expectations: ★★★★★
Overall: ★★★★

Fit Bottom line: If you want a workout DVD that will challenge your whole body in new ways, get this! One of the coolest and most unique workouts we’ve tried in years!

Want to try the Core Transformer Kit yourself? Leave a comment on why you’d like to try the workout, and we’ll select two U.S. readers to win the awesome core-working kit AND a free 30-minute one-on-one phone session with the core guru herself, Linda LaRue! You can’t beat that! Full giveaway rules here. Winners will be selected in a week and contacted via email, so get to pleading your core case in the comments before time runs out! Jenn


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  1. I would LOVE to have this. Both my boyfriend and I are looking for ways to get out of our fitness rut. I like running and the weight machine we have is wonderful, but sometimes it’s nice to have something different. This sounds so amazing – a challenge but a goal to work toward.

  2. This would be a great way to start off 2011! I am always on the prowl for new and different workout videos. I love combining core and cardio. I fell in love with core workouts this past year after P90X, but really need something new in my life. Thanks for sharing!

  3. This would be fantastic! I have learned that my best way to success is working out at home and this is just what I need. It looks fun, challenging & innovative.

    Thank you for the opportunity to win!

  4. Because there’s no gym in my town (really!). So now that its dark and cold and snowy my workout options are limited. A new DVD set would be the PERFECT solution.

  5. I am a busy working mom and would love to try this. I don’t have a lot of time to work out – but htese sound like they would work for me!!

  6. This sounds perfect for me! I’m coming off of a year-long plantar fasciitis running injury that I think stems from poor running form resulting from a weak core. I’ve been working hard to correct that, then, a month ago, I broke my toe! I’m now cleared by my doctor to start working out again, but am terrified to start running again without addressing my underlying imbalances….I would LOVE to try this system!!!

  7. I’m love working my core!!! But I’m in a total fitness rut right now (with my cardio training, weight training, and core training). I need something new to spice up my workout life. I love to work out but when I get bored is when I give up.

  8. I am obsessed with trying to work out my core! And I have yet to find a workout that I absolutely love. I would be so super happy if you chose me to win this workout!

  9. I am always up for new and interesting workouts…this is one of them! I love working my core, plus the option for a shorter workout or a longer workout is available and that’s awesome!!

  10. I would love to try this workout! I live in a rural area that doesn’t have a lot of opportunity for classes, gym, or other fitness opportunities. I would love to use this to improve my fitness and life!!!!!

  11. I put on a few pounds over the last year and have vowed to lose it back before my next dr visit. I’m looking for something new to challenge me to new levels!

  12. I would love to try this workout, but as a single mother of 2, I just really don’t have the spare funds to hire a trainer or purchase many of the at-home workout that have proven results. I have lost 30lbs on my own from dieting and cardio work, but I really want to take it further. My goal is to lose 100lbs total. My midsection is the worst/most difficult part to deal with..crunches don’t seem to be working enough..I also suffer from Crohn’s Disease and have been told by several doctors that a stronger core would help with the illness.

  13. I would LOVE this!! I have about 50 pounds to lose and I get so bored s and so easily discouraged with workouts that I would love to try something more interesting!!!

  14. I am a mother of three and in the Army. I have tried everything I can to get the core I want and need. I am at the point now if my core does not change surgery is my next step. I am looking for a product that I can actually feel it working in my core, especially my lower area.

  15. I’d love to try this. I’m a current college student, and when I feel like I can’t run outside or make to the gym, podcasts and DVDs are a work-out staple–but it’s hard to find programs that intense but doable. Plus, I just made it goal to incorporate more strength training, so this sounds great.

  16. I would love to win this to pass on to a friend who is going through a rough time. She is a big fitness inspiration to me. She recently had to quit the gym with her husband losing his job after her mom passing. This would definitely be something she would use and not let sit on the shelf. 1,000 calories in an hour and the priceless time for her to think about just that.

  17. I am training for 2 spring marathons (my #4 and #5) and my training goal is to build up a much stronger core to help shave a nice chunk of time off of my my mile pace!

  18. I am not going to lie, I have terrible posture. I’ve been doing a lot to work out my back, but I think my core needs strengthening. This would be perfect to support my efforts to fix my posture and to balance and support my running! Plus, I’m getting married soon and would love some hot abs for my hubby-to-be on our (hopefully) beachy honeymoon!

  19. After losing 35 pounds and keeping it off for two years, the pounds are starting to creep back on. I need something to motivate myself, and I am definitely excited to try the Core Transformers kit.

  20. I woould like to try this workout because I love working out several muscle groups at one time with combo exercises! It looks great and I love combining cardio and strength training, really keeps the heart rate up!

  21. I’m in neeeeed of a revolutionary workout system! I’m at a new life stage and excited to take care of myself first and foremost!

  22. I’d love this! I’m still working off my “mummy tummy” and my son is almost 2! I had severe PPD and found comfort in food. After working through everything, I started really focusing on getting my body back about six months ago. I’ve lost about 30 pounds and still have another 20 to go. This pack would be a huge boost! I work as a health coach with pregnant women and cancer patients, so I’m always looking for new tools/products that I can use and recommend. Thanks for all the great reviews and giveaways 🙂

  23. I would love this time-saving & butt-kicking 3-in-one workout. I’d also like to get the feedback from the lucky person who gets this, too!

  24. I would love to try a copy because I’m always looking for hard workouts! I’ve done Insanity and almost done with P90x!

  25. I love an at home workout! I use Tracy Anderson’s videos every morning and this looks like a great new program!

  26. Please pick me! I work out 5 days a week for an hour at a time, and my “core” is wear my body holds all its fat. I can’t seem to get rid of it although I feel I lead a pretty healthly lifestyle. I need help in that area!

  27. This sounds like a good way to have a intense workout while building your strength and endurance. I always seem to get discourage when I try a workout (I’ve got a lot of weight to lose) and can’t make it through the whole thing. I give up and then I’m right back where I started – just walking on the treadmille. I would love to find something that helps me build up my confidence and ability without getting too discouraged.

  28. I’m looking for something to help get my core into shape so I can improve my running – this sounds perfect!

  29. I would LOVE to try this workout! I am in an exercise rut-always doing the same thing-and I really need to spice it up! This sounds like just the thing to kick my butt out of routine complacency!

  30. 1,000 calories in ONE hour – SOLD! That usually takes me over an hour and half at the gym. I’ve always wanted to try the resistance bands but I wasn’t sure what to do with them. Plus the first place that I gain weight is in my tush – need something like this to tone so I can still enjoy my hot toddies and cider jacks!

  31. I’d like to win because right now it’s the only way I will get anything fresh and new, unless I can snag enough swagbucks to get an Amazon gift card…

  32. I really need something both challenging and different to kick up my exercise routine. Right now I am feeling stuck in a rut with my workouts but this sounds like just the type of thing to kick my motivation into high gear!

  33. I really want to use this !!! I workout at home due to medical reasons. It’s too challenging to get to a gym. Thanks for the opportunity to win.

  34. 🙂 Alright ladies, I will take you up on your promise 😉
    I’ve got 10 pounds to lose but really need to tighten up my whole body !

  35. I hurt my knee running so I’m looking for alternative forms of exercise until it heals. This could help me break out of my yoga/pilates rut!

  36. Oh a chance to work the glutes! I’m looking for less grueling workouts these days, but still very motivated to keep in shape for the ho ho holidays!

  37. I LOVE core workouts, but I’m getting pretty tired of my normal routine. I’m ready to mix things up and this would be a great thing to try out!

  38. Always looking for new ways to use my resistance tubes – a selection of 20-minute workouts would suit me perfectly!

  39. I love trying new workouts … I’ve done it all, P90X, Jillian Michaels, Winsor Pilates, The Exhale Series, NYC Ballet, you name it, I’ve tried it (mostly from reading your reviews!). I’m also an avid runner so something that’s going to challenge me and make me feel the burn, as well as burning 1000 calories, sounds incredible. I would love to try out this new workout and add to my arsenal of personal fitness!

  40. Wow – this video looks great! I would love to try it to mix things up in my routine. It’s so easy to get stuck in a rut.

  41. OOH! Ooh! I’d love to try this, because I have GOT to do core work. Seriously, wtf is wrong with me that I never squeeze it in!!

  42. I Love trying and doing new workouts! I am an HUGE workout buff and workout everyday for at least an hour to two. This would be awesome to get back into shape after baby comes in the next couple of weeks too!!

  43. I’ve recently discovered planks as an addition to my “8 Minute Abs” DVD, and those are what is finally starting to tone my core… but I want more! This workout sounds absolutely perfect.

  44. Going into 2010 I weighed 67 lbs. more than I am right now! It has been a journey and life changing…however, I am coming to a stalemate at the worst time- the holidays! I have been substitute teaching while trying to get a full time job so my funds are very limited so a new DVD I the perfect way to spruce up my workout and inspire me to keep going. I’m keeping my fingers crossed on this one. 🙂

  45. This would be a godsend — I’ve gained more weight than I know what to do with this year (!) and could use a home-based way to lose it!

  46. As a female firefighter staying in great shape is extremely important. Fit bottomed girls has been so motivating for me. I appreciate much of the info I get here. So wonderful to hear about women who care about being strong and healthy. I’d love the opportunity to try this Core Transformer Kit. A workout like this could really help me perform my job better. And receiving something like this from FBG would be like having personal support from some amazing women.

  47. Wow this would be AMAZING to have! After having 2 kids in under 2 years and having to stop working to stay home and raise them I don’t get to get to a gym so I workout at home…with money tight we can’t afford new workout videos so I’m still rockin a Denise Austin video I’ve had for years! I REALLY want to lose the baby weight without having to spend to much money!!! Thankyou for the opportunity!!!!

  48. I have done the clips of this kit many times with a regular band but have hesitated to order it fearing I would be disappointed. I love unique workouts but also love loud music and unique moves. I’ll probably cave and order it eventually LOL

  49. I’m always looking for a new challenge, especially when it involves a workout that targets my core. My middle still isn’t the same after having two children and could use some help.

  50. This sounds like a great workout DVD! I am all in favor of combining cardio and strength, and this would be awesome for when it’s too cold to head outside, since I don’t belong to a gym…

  51. I could really use some motivation right now to PUSH myself and gain some more strength, this could be just what the doctor ordered!

  52. It is my heart that wants and needs to win….I have got to get healthy , I loved your review and the long term likeability information is grate. So often, I get bored with over videos.

  53. This looks like a great system…I have been watching what I’m eating for the last few days (if you knew me, you’d like that in itself is an accomplishment)..now I just need to find a program that I will actually do. Anyone have any ideas for someone who is a just starting out on that whole working out thing…and hates to sweat in public? lol…thanks!

  54. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE send this our direction. We’re in training for the Warrior Dash and it’s freaking freezing outside (Chicago- Brrrr!!!). We would love to win a challenging workout that does not feature battling the cold to get to the gym!

  55. Looks like an awesome workout! I’d love to try it. I need something to break me out of my fitness rut. Been trying to lose the last of this baby weight, but the last 10 are the worst!

  56. I would LOVE 2 get this to work out my core! That’s my biggest problem area right now that I’ve been wrking on w/out the exact results yet. Just can’t seem 2 get the tone I want & need badly! This would actually b my 1st wrkout DVD ever! So the added help of over the phone instructions would be a huge plus!! I usually get tips off of youtube. Would def b the greatest Christmas gift if this does the job! Thanks!

  57. I’d love to get this core workout! I’m always looking for new core exercises… I’ve been doing variations of the same ab routine for more than 4 years now so it’s time for a change!

  58. I like to try any workouts at home. So hard to get motivated to go to the gym when it is this cold out! Easy to be motivated to workout at home.

  59. this looks so great!!! i sure could use any help i can get with my core!!! especially with the holidays!!!!

  60. I am unable to get to a gym so I’m looking for a good home workout! And in the midwest where we are in the deep freeze already, it would be a bonus not to have to go shop for one!

  61. I would love to try something like this. After having two kids and getting back into fitness, I have been having the most problems losing and toning in this area. I have already lost most of my baby weight but people still think I am pregnant! Ahh… this would be FANTASTIC!

  62. After 4 kids, my core has taken a beating. I will be challenging myself to take care of myself now in the new year on all aspects, but especially my health! Winning this workout would help me meet my goals in 2011. Thaank you for the opportunity.

  63. I am always trying to change up my workout and I like to use new tools and resources like Linda Larue’s Core Transformer to do that. I work out 4-5 days a week at either the gym or at home and I need something like this to keep me motivated and going. I’m down 30 lbs, running in a 1/2 marathon in February and am losing that motivation as we speak. But I’m going to keep going through that wall and make it to the other side, hopefully with the Core Transformer at my side!!

  64. I would absolutely love to try this. I have TONS of Tae Bo, Jillian, Biggest Loser workouts, and I’m always looking for new things to add to my collection. I workout all the time, and I have PCOS so I tend to have issues with storing fat in my middle region – I’m wondering if this would help kick that. I would love to try it!

  65. I would love to try this. I’ve been out of commision as far as exercising due to foot surgery but am about to be released by my doctor and i need something to shake me out of this rut!

  66. OMG! I would love this! We are about to move to Italy and w/the move preparations my gym time is SO limited! A good home workout seems to be my best option right now!

  67. I would love this! I work out with a trainer twice a week but would love something new to do at home for my “homework” I have started a new “lifestyle” and this would be a great addition to it. I lost 40 lbs so far but still have 20-30 to go

  68. My core is in need of transforming! I ran my first marathon in October and am registered for my second in March, hoping to be in much better all around shape by then. I could use something fun and challenging to work those muscles (all of them) that I tend to forget about.

  69. This is just fantastic! I would absolutely love to win this! After losing over 75 pounds last year, I have gained more than 50 pounds back and am in some serious need of an awesome workout routine! Seeing as how I live in the sticks of NH, I do not have access to a gym close by so my lifeline to fitness is at home workouts. Starting 2011 off with a great workout DVD such as this would truly help me reach my fitness goals of creating a happier and healthier me. 🙂

  70. This workout looks amazing! I’m always looking for new workout dvds because affording a gym membership is not in my budget right now. Love FBG and their great reviews 🙂

  71. I soo would love to try this. I am of average weight but I do have a flabby tummy. It is the only part of my body that I really need to work on. This workout program would be perfect for me! 🙂

  72. As a woman over 50, I find my whole life has changed. Before, at 5’2″, I never had any problem maintaining a respectable weight. Now, seems no matter what I do or don’t do, eat or don’t eat, the weight comes on and stays on, despite my best efforts to eat right and exercise regularly. Even though I have tried it all when it comes to diet or exercise, I am very determined and have devoted myself the last two years to dropping the bad habits and eating healthy. But my body has not responded. I have firmed up but not lost any weight. This core workout looks like it could be a cardio, core and strength workout that I could easily fit into my life and do regularly to reduce stress and maintain my fitness level, even when traveling. If so, I’ll recommend it to all my friends, even the ones under 50.

  73. Always looking for something new…I love switching things up…running, Chalean Extreme, Turbofire..many Jillian Michaeals…gym WO’s..bring it on….

  74. I’m always looking into new fitness ideas and work outs. I believe I tryied it all and just am always open to learn more n improve myself so I can help others improve themselves. I wopuld love to try this one.

  75. My husband and I are adopting a new toddler in the new year and I won’t be able to hit the gym for awhile. Would love to have some new DVD’s to replace my gym time.