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Snowed In? 8 Activity Ideas

Credit: jasonbolonski

Even though I was lucky this week and escaped the brunt of the Mega-Massive Blizzard of the Century, I’ve about had it with winter. Last week it was 16 or so inches of fun; over Christmas it was 27. We’ve got more coming, but I’m hoping it’s not a lot because we are running out of places to put it, and we have a car at the back of the driveway that’s been snowed in since December. So you could say I’m getting a bit of cabin fever, and I’m ready for spring to roar in like a lion.

In the meantime, we’ve solicited ideas for staying sane and keeping occupied from our loyal readers via Twitter and Facebook. Here are our favorite suggestions for ways to keep busy when you’re snowed in!

8 Snow-Day Activity Ideas So You Don’t Go Bonkers

1. Work it! Sidewalks and driveways need shoveling, so have the kids help. They’ll burn off tons of energy, get some fresh air and prevent you from getting ticketed by your municipality!

2. Be a good neighbor. While you’re at it, shovel the neighbors’ sidewalks and driveways! This will burn even more energy—maybe enough to even wear the kiddos out—and earn tons of neighborly goodwill. My neighbor shoveled our walk when we were out of town, and I could have kissed his feet for it! (Thanks @4meirun!)

3. Organize! You know all of those projects you never have time for, like getting rid of old clothing or organizing the toy box? Get on it! (Thanks Kelli Jo!)

4. Play in the snow. You’ve shoveled, taken a break to warm up and are ready for more. With the amount of snow we’ve seen lately you can build snowmen, snow forts and tunnels…heck, why not build a snow Empire State Building? (Thanks Wendy!)

5. Go high-tech. Play the Kinect! No matter what game you play, the Kinect will get your family moving! (Thanks Serena!)

6. Go low-tech. Freeze tag, a game of catch, lifting weights, jump rope and board games can all be done even if your electricity goes out! (Thanks Leslie and Sarah!)

7. Movie madness. Catch up on your Netflix movies or dig into your Disney stash! Take breaks to run around the house.

8. Make music. Playing guitar and other musical instruments (or making your own) is a great way to pass the time. Better yet, dance to the groovin’ tunes to work out some energy! (Thanks Romello and Sarah!)

If you make it to No. 8 by noon, you have my sympathies, and I suggest naps for all! My favorite from reader Camille? Use a laundry basket for a sled, tie a cord on it, and pull the kiddos around the yard a few times. Now that sounds like some serious cardio!

Share your snow-day suggestions in the comments! —Erin

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