Fitness Apparel That’s As Good As Going Naked

Today’s Fit Bottomed Dude’s post is by Mark Arana, a certified personal trainer who has been working in the fitness industry for more than five years. We gave him the fun task of trying three men’s fitness items from Puma. He jumped (quite literally) at the task!

puma-sneakersPuma Cell Vetara

When it comes to sneakers, I am a junkie. I collect them all— fashion, sports, running. The Puma Cell Vetara came just in time because I was in dire need of a new workout sneaker.

The very first thing I like to do when buying new sneaks issee how heavy they are. I don’t want to run or work out in sneakers that will weigh my size 13 feet down to the ground. After lacing these up, they felt perfect, not too heavy and not too light. Therefore, the passed test number one.Test number two: comfort. I am as flat-footed as the floor, so comfort is very important. I pounded the treadmill for a quick three-mile run to see if the comfort level was there. At first I was doubtful. The only Pumas I’ve ever had were only in rotation for casual wear. During the first mile, the heels on my foot were a bit stiff, but, of course, they were brand new. A couple of miles in, I was flying on the treadmill. Also, after a few days of wearing the Cell Vetara and breaking them in, my flat feet felt a lot more comfortable. Test two, passed!

Test three, style. When I first opened the box, I thought I was receiving trendy sneakers to try on. But then I noticed “running” on the box. I laced them up, and I automatically felt cool. They have a great mesh material so your feet can breathe as you run and work out. The highlight-yellow/green color also stands out when you strut through the gym floor. It makes for a good conversation starter, which makes my final grade for the Vetara an A+.

puma-jacketPuma Lightweight Jacket

The Lightweight Jacket from Puma is extremely comfortable. When I first tried it on, it felt more like a shirt than a jacket. In fact, it felt so light that it seemed like I had nothing on! The jacket has great functional design elements. The reflectors will keep you safe during your evening outdoor workouts, and a wire clip will keep your MP3 player’s wires from dangling.

The best part about this jacket is that it actually works. Don’t let the thin and light material fool you—when it’s windy and brisk, this jacket will sure help you stay warm. And if it gets too warm, the jacket has ventilation on the back and both sides just underneath your arms. So next time you work out outdoors, grab this jacket. You seriously won’t even know you have it on.

puma-shortsPuma Baggy Shorts

When it comes to the Puma Baggy Shorts, they are exactly what they say they are…SHORT! See, I love to play basketball, so when it comes to wearing shorts, they usually fall just below my knees. However, after putting this pair on, I went for a run and they felt light as ever.

Between the jacket and the shorts, I might as well have been naked because I really felt like I had no clothes on! The design helps absorb moisture so that you don’t feel like you’re drenched, and the reflectors on the shorts make it safer to be on the road—you know, so no car will accidentally run you over. Next time you go out for a run, leave the basketball shorts at home, these are much more comfortable.

A big thanks for Mark for the review! The running-naked pro must be a guy thing… —Jenn

Mark Arana currently holds a certification with the National Academy of Sports Medicine and the American College of Sports Medicine. Mark lives in Los Angeles, working for a corporate fitness center and Sony Studios Athletic Club. Mark specializes in bootcamp training, sports-specific training, cardio-weight training and functional training. If you are interested in taking any of his classes or would like to work one-on-one with him, please contact CoachMarkA@gmail.com.

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