We Love: The Biggest Loser Expo Boards (with Giveaway!)

biggest-loser-boardWhile we’re clearly fans of tracking workouts and healthy eats online, Erin and my’s mutual obsession of stationary and office supplies had us Jersey fist-pumping over these new The Biggest Loser magnetic dry erase boards. Seriously, it’s The Biggest Loser and organization…LOVE!

One of the new boards—My Exercise & Goal Planner—does just that with space for each day of the week for you to record your steady state cardio, interval cardio and circuit training. You can also track your current weight and how you’re progressing to your goal weight. The other board in the line, My Daily Meal Planner, allows you to track what you eat (including calories and food groups) and how much water you drink. It ingeniously sticks to your fridge, also acting as the perfect stop sign for mindless eating. You use dry erase markers on both boards, so you—quite literally—can get a fresh slate any time you want. The only thing missing is a little eye candy of Bob on the board!

Want to try one of these for yourself? Leave a comment (U.S. residents only, please), and we’ll select a couple of lucky readers to win! —Jenn



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  1. I saw there boards some where else….where do you buy them? I have not seen them in a any stores! I would love to buy one….if I do not win! ;o)

  2. This would be a great addition to my basement gym not to mention I totally need it to stay on track.

  3. Girl-O-Girl 🙂

    Right now I print out workout plans from Exercise TV and tack it onto my wall calendar, have a journal for keeping track of calories and what-nots.

    I could REALLY use The Biggest Loser Expo Boards ; much better than using ALL of that paper 😉

  4. Would love using one of these! Gives a whole new meaning to the phrase “start with a clean slate.”

  5. This would be incredibly useful considering my Husband and I are both desperately trying to lose 50 lbs! We can use all of the help that we can get-lol and this would be awesome to have since we are doing different things to make it happen (or atleast trying to make it happen). Having something to actually see all the time would really help in keeping us on track. Thank you FBG for having giveaways that we actually need and would love to have not to mention all of your encouraging emails and such! Keep up the great work!!!!!!

  6. These are so cool! I didn’t even know they exsisted! I totally need one, my diet and excercise routine has been majorly derailed lately and these would be the perfect visual tool to get me back on track!

  7. Oh my I would LOVE these and NEED them! I definitely think that I would buy these if I don’t win them! I already track in a Biggest Loser Journal, but I’m always crossing stuff off and then it looks messy and bothers me!! OCD!

  8. Tomorrow will be the beginning of week three for me of eating clean and working out on a regular basis. I have lost 15lbs and feel great! I still have about 140lbs left to go and could really benefit from having the biggest loser dry erase board to help keep on track. :0)

  9. I always try to keep track of what I’m eating in my planner but there isn’t enough room (what can I say I’m a busy college student). I would love the board to stick on my fridge!

  10. This would be a great visual tool to have in my kitchen. It would help keep everyone on track for the day. Hubby & I have been working hard to track our calories and this is just the thing. I could also use it to guide my girls too!

  11. I would love these!! I personally would use them but more importantly, my 15 yr old has just begun her mission to lose 100 pounds and this would help her out, as she is a devoted BL fan. 🙂 Thanks for a great website!

  12. These are great! I always get distracted on the computer, and books waste a lot of paper, so this would be perfect!

  13. What a great idea. I am in week three at my new job as a Wellness Coordinator and this woul be a great tool for some of my clients who are more of a visual person. I could also use one on my own fridge as that handy reminder to listen to my body to see if it hungry before I open the fridge. Thanks for sharing this handy tool!


  14. I would totally love to win these! I really think this would help me and my husband on our journey to reach our goal weight and keep off the weight! Thanks so much for the great chance!

  15. this FBG would love to win these to help keep my goals on track – busy working mom w/ 2 little kiddos – every little bit helps!

  16. These would be great to use! I would love the exercise one. I do so much better when I write down and keep up with both my diet and exercise. Something about seeing it makes me wanna do more!

  17. i have loved the biggest loser from the begging! Its a show i am constantly putting on my DVR so this busy mama of four can have some “me” time and learn from others 🙂 i was so inspired that i’ve lost over 26 pounds, and even though ive hit a non moving numbers on the scale point, i am still pushing through my work outs and calorie counting. i WOULD LOVE a “tool” like this to keep me organized/motivated !