We’ll Take Bob Harper’s Ultimate Cardio Body Any Day

bob-harper-workout-DVDI’m not sure what it is about this workout DVD that strikes me so. On the one hand, I feel like it’s a bit of a cheesy “We want you” Uncle Sam paradoy for fitness. And on the other? Bob’s dreamy eyes enticing us to try his new workout DVD Ultimate Cardio Body. Which, of course, we did. (And we totally think that, like Uncle Sam, he wants us.) Regardless of the cover—and even though we’ve publicly admitted our love for Bob both to you and  him—we can objectively say that this is a workout you’ll want to add to your I-need-my-ass-kicked-collection. A mix of both strength and cardio, Bob brings a killer workout like Paula Deen brings the butter (a big thank you to FBG Tish for that analogical gem).

While there are no Scorpion Push-Ups to deal with, Bob shows no mercy with a full hour of explosive cardio drills and strength moves that will have you sweatin’ buckets. While your biceps, triceps and shoulders will be on fire, expect your legs to feel the biggest burn of all as Bob has you doing lunges, lunges and more lunges (I guesstimate at least 15 minutes of the total workout is lunging it out). And if that’s not enough leg work for you (masochist!), be sure to check out the bonus 10-minute glute and core workout that’s the perfect quick body-toning boost.

And the best part of this workout DVD—as is the case with all of his DVDs—is Bob! He pushes you, but does it with that cute-boy charm and those baby-blues that make you smile, laugh and keep going for the full sweaty hour. He’s not afraid to call a glute what it is—an ass! Not to mention that he makes fun of himself and the knee-high black socks he’s wearing in the cool down. (For the record, Bob, we did wonder what that was about.) There’s nothing sexier than a good sense of self-deprecating humor.

FBG Rating (Out of 5):
Instruction: ★★★★★
Long-Term Likeability: ★★★★★
Music: ★★★★
Fun Factor: ★★★★
Meets Expectations: ★★★★★
Overall: ★★★★1/2

Fit Bottom line: Bob lovers like us will want to add this cardio and strength workout DVD to their collection. And non-Bob lovers? This will get you on the Bob-lovin’ train!

Hooray for more workouts with Bob! —Jenn


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  1. Lori says:

    I couldn’t agree more. I tried this workout last week and it is amazing. Really challenging. I especially like the way he combines upper body strength moves with lower body cardio (aka lunges, lunges, lunges!). And thank goodness he mentioned the socks at the end… it was on my mind!

  2. Jill says:

    I have all of Bob’s workout dvd’s. I am a fitness instructor/personal trainer and I love every minute of him kicking my butt!! It almost feels like he really is in your house with you and you want to do your best and not take a break. Love love love him!!

  3. Addie says:

    I loved to workout too. On the bonus material he had trailers of other workouts that seem to be in this same series (same studio) and I can’t find them online. Have they not been released yet? One was a beginner’s fat loss dvd and the other was a core workout that looked really good.