A Registered Dietitian Changed My Life


Credit: CarbonNYC

As a certified personal trainer, group exercise instructor and fitness writer, I know a lot about exercise and quite a bit about nutrition. I know what it takes to lose weight, be healthy and fuel my body properly. But for years I didn’t practice what I preached.

I spent years in college and shortly thereafter working out way too much, succumbing to the pressures of fitting in and trying to excel in a career where what you look like determines your skill and professionalism in the eyes of many. And all of the extreme exercise sessions (teaching multiple group fitness classes every day of the week, usually in addition to my own workout), some major life changes, spiraled negatively into my eating as well. I was desperately trying to avoid the “freshman (and sophomore, junior and senior) 15” that so many warn of, and was religiously counting my calories. I was strict about keeping my caloric intake very low, even though I was easily burning thousands of calories a day by exercising.

Continue reading for how a registered dietitian changed how I view food—and everything else—along with tips to overcome emotional eating and yo-yo dieting.Jenn

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  1. Hope says:

    Ha! The article is great! Thank you. But my comment really has to do with the picture for the article. It’s a picture of an infamous and delicious cookie from my hometown in Bakersfield, CA! I’d recognize that smilie face anywhere.

  2. Ona says:

    Thank u for sharing this tips… i was at the same situation for 5 months and i said to myself ENOUGH! before that i was at my ideal weight and i had a great lifestyle, eating well+working out. then some birth control pills messed up my “system”, i gained 5 kg. and i decided to follow a diet( never finished it) i felt bad about myself, the idea of forbidden foods made me want them more, even when i wasnt hungry! I wasnt losing weight, wasting my workouts and i felt like a failure. I decided to take the wheel and not let food control my life. i made 3 rules: I began to ask myself if i was hungry and stop when i was full. never to follow a diet in my life, because i have enough information about nutriton and i know how to make good decisions. and that i will treat myself when i really really want it. its working out pretty well and its good to know that a RD would suggest these strategies. Now i feel proud of myself again. 🙂