Pure Inventions: Freaking Cool Water

pure-inventions-waterWe almost didn’t review this product because 1) I love water and rarely have a hard time not getting my eight glasses a day and 2) there are sooo many different flavor-enhancers on the market that it’s overkill. BUT when I saw that this water-flavorer was delivered via a dropper and created ribbons of potential deliciousness in H2O, we had to try. Please let us create our own water art, too! So Pure Inventions sent us four bottles to play with…I mean review.

Trying Pure Inventions Flavor Water Drops

First, the basics on these water enhancers: They have no sugar, caffeine, chemicals, carbs, calories, gluten or artificial sweeteners/ingredients/colorings. Check on passing the FBG nutritional test. Second, how do they work? Well, you take 6 to 8 ounces of water (you can have hot or cold for most varieties) and add one to two droppers of the flavor of your choice . Easy, and when you drop the enhancers in, it really does make those beautiful ribbons in the water. Promise.

We tried four varieties: Blueberry + White Tea, Cranberry + Elderberry, Green Teach Peach, and Fit + Slender. The first two berry types are part of the antioxidant fruit extract line that basically takes concentrated fruit and mixes it with your water. The flavor on these was good, and not overpowering in the least. In fact, if you’re a Crystal Light kind of girl, you’ll probably wish it was a little stronger (although I liked the subtlety of the flavor). I tended to like the blueberry flavor a bit more than the cranberry, but that’s just because in a battle of white tea and elderberry, I’ll root for white tea every time. (You know because that happens all the time.) I wasn’t quite as jazzed about the other two flavors. Green Teach Peach was okay, but I’d probably rather just brew some green tea. And Fit + Slender didn’t seem to really taste like much of anything, which makes sense because neither Fit nor Slender are flavors,—and ya’ll know how I feel about quick fixes to get “fit and slender.”

Starting at $30 a bottle, these flavor enhancers aren’t cheap, but they are a way to fun-up your water. And if you can swing the price tag, they’re certainly the prettiest and most artistic flavor-enhancer on the market! —Jenn


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  1. THAT is crazy…the little zero calorie mio’s are less than $4 and are delicious 🙂 IMHO….
    THANKS for the research tho….always appreciate hearing about products so we don’t have to try them first, lol…

  2. Dana Spates says:

    This sounds great but I’ve also found that coconut water (which is a better electrolyte than Gatorade) is better for you body and hydration. I love it becuase it has the taste of water with a little something added.

    Please do a review and tell me what you think. http://www.zico.com.