What Is Circuit Training? Tips to Try This Workout at Home

home-workout-585If you’re new to the workout scene, you may have heard about circuit training. But what is circuit training? And how can you try this workout (that we, for the record, totally love)? We recently put together a short video on the subject, giving you a quick explanation of what circuit training is, why it’s so awesome and how you can use it for your next workout. We even put together a simple five exercise circuit-training-at-home workout that doesn’t require any equipment at all. Sweet? We think so. (Oh, and be on the lookout for my four-legged Fit Bottomed pup around minute two … She’s seriously my best workout buddy.)

Can’t see the video? Click here to learn what circuit training is and to get the circuit training at home workout.

Besides being a really efficient way to exercise, we love how easy it is to switch up circuit-training-at-home workouts. Throw in some planks, bicep curls, sit-ups, mountain climbers…whatever you’re digging. When it comes to circuit-training, the sky is the limit!

Do you like circuit training? What’s your favorite circuit to do at home? —Jenn


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  1. HI!
    I appreciate all you girls are doing, but it would have been more helpful to see the whole person that’s showing the exercise. It’s kind of pointless to only see your torso when you’re showing squats and lunges… Something to consider next time you make a video!

  2. I agree with Natalie. The squats and lunges weren’t shown very well (and neither was the push up), even though I know how to do them. Some people may not know exactly how to do the moves and not being able to see the whole body doesn’t help. I’d have gotten more out of this video if they had actually done a circuit showing the moves a few times each to give an idea of how it’s done.