My Fitness (and Motherhood) Truths: FBG Erin


Hocking Hills Ohio
Truth: Babies add tons of resistance to workouts.

This week on Fit Bottomed Girls, as a special part of Back to Basics Week, each FBG will share her health and fitness truths—truths that resonate with each of us as we’re working out and living our day to day lives. Today, FBG Erin shares her truths on workouts, motherhood and life. 

I’m not eating this to make you feel guilty. It’s really what I want. And I genuinely do love Brussels sprouts.

Just because I try to be healthy most of the time doesn’t mean I don’t indulge.

Just because you see me indulge, it doesn’t mean I’m not healthy most of the time.

You think I’m a stay-at-home mom because I’m running errands with my daughter mid-day? I actually help run two websites in my “free time” and am at the post office because I’m mailing goodies to readers.

When the going gets tough, I think about making it through a natural childbirth and know that I can get through anything—be it a tough workout or a rough day.

You think I’m extremely lucky to be able to afford being able to stay at home with my daughter? Yes, I am. But there are plenty of sacrifices made to be able to do so, and I go without splurges others might take for granted.

I may have a small frame, but do not underestimate my strength or determination.

People who think staying at home with kids is easier than a “real job” make me laugh. This balancing-act life I lead is harder than any job I’ve ever had—and I’ve worked since I was 10. And yet, I wouldn’t change a thing.

While the aesthetic benefits of working out are great, I’m not doing this so I can fit into skinny jeans. Which I wouldn’t wear anyway. I’m doing it to battle a family history of heart disease.

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  1. Way to go Erin! Yes, being a stay at home mom is the toughest job in the world (and at times the most thankless) however,it is the best job ever, one you will never regret. I was a stay at home mom(so is my daughter Kristen F :)and my son Brady’s wife ) and did without the splurges as well! Today my kids are 28 and 30 and am grateful everyday for the hours, weeks, days, etc I was able to be with them. I am proud of you! Keep up the good work Erin.
    PS you look great and your little girl is precious


  2. Go, Erin! Your daughter is beautiful…and she’ll be extremely proud of the sacrifices you’ve made for her. She’ll also be happy to have her mom around to see her grow up! All the best to you! Love following FBG…a lot more interesting subject than construction equipment, I’m sure! 😉

  3. So with you on the indulging piece. And the running errands in the middle of the day piece. Just because you aren’t in an office during normal business hours doesn’t mean you’re not working hard!