Face-to-Face with a ‘Body Popper’

A chiropractor is exercising with a womanI’m scared of a handful of things. Spiders top the list, darkness gives me the willies, and I don’t really care for clowns too much. Chiropractors (aka body poppers) popping necks and joints definitely terrify the crap out of me. That being said, I waited a really long time before finally listening to my friend and going to see someone about my back pain. Because I’m such a baby about body poppers, she referred me to one of her good friends whom I had met and hung with in the past. (That was basically the only way she could get me in there.)

I trusted that she wouldn’t feed me a bunch of crap and then feed me to the wolves (crack, crack POP!)—and she didn’t. Dr. Toni Thomson from Healing Hands Wellness Center came bursting into the room with the same smile I had seen countless times before and got down to business. She explained the different techniques she used in her practice, as well as why she would choose specific ones for me. Pilates, massage, adjustments…she gave me the rundown on the bodywork she saw in my future to help with my pain.

And then she did a beautiful thing. She praised me for being an active person. Apparently folks who work out and work their muscles regularly respond better and faster to the techniques chiropractors use. Woo hoo for workouts!

She also promised me that my gait, my pronation and my stride would improve once I got my body in alignment, thereby improving my workouts. I currently do some funky thing with my right shoulder, which makes my left glute overcompensate, which causes a huge knot of burning pain to form in the middle of that butt cheek, which makes my left hip funky, which messes with my walking and running gait. (Catch all that?) She sat there studying all the areas of my body that need work saying, “Oh, this will be a fun area!”

I dig her enthusiasm because I’ve just found another way to love and care for my body. I have a couple of different appointments set up with her and her staff in the next couple of weeks. I’m so excited to work out the kinks. Who knows what my body will be able to do after it’s been popped and fixed!

So far FBG Jenn and now I have experienced the wonders of a good chiropractor’s work. Have you ever been? —Tish

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  1. That’s so great! I recently starting going to the chiropractor also, because of some really intense lower-back pain that was causing me to have to ice my back while sitting at work every day for almost 2 weeks. It was INTENSE. But despite also having a fear of all the popping, I’m really glad I went. My back hasn’t hurt SINCE and I’m confident that my chiropractor (who I found through LivingSocial) is taking good care of me.