Got 20 Minutes? Try to Finish This Workout!

speed skater moveIf your New Year’s goals have already slipped, here’s a quick workout to ramp you up again! Sara Haley (who previously shared her top belly-blasting moves with us), Global Reebok Master Trainer and creator of the upcoming Daily Sweat Pregnancy Program: Expecting More prenatal fitness DVD, has come up with 12 moves for 2012 that are sure to get you sweating!

If you’ve gotten bored with your old workout favorites like lunges and push-ups, use this guide to spice up your workout. You only need one set of 12-pound free weights (although feel free to bump it down if you’re a beginner, and always be sure to work to your comfort level). Begin with the 2012 Hustle to warm up, and then throw the other exercises into a hat. Pull them out one by one to set the order of your workout for the day. Perform each exercise 20 times, taking breaks as needed. You may have to work up to 20 reps, as well as work up to finishing the program in less than 20 minutes. Use the modifications as needed, but don’t be afraid to challenge yourself when you’re ready! Happy sweating!

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