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Is This Hummus and Veggie Sandwich the World’s Best Lunch? I Won’t Say No

Credit: Kristen SeymourUnder certain circumstances, I can become a creature of habit. If I come up with a lunch that I like—I mean, that I really, really like—I’ll easily eat that same thing every day for weeks. Or until I run out of ingredients and realize I’m too lazy—I mean too busy—to make a midday grocery-store run.

My current food fixation is the hummus and veggie sandwich. Our relationship goes waaay back, and I’ve tweaked and changed ingredients here and there to make it into a sandwich that I sometimes dream about. Of course, there are loads of ways to change it up, depending on your preferences, so please consider this a starting point. A super delicious starting point.

Hummus and Veggie Sandwich Recipe


  • Arnold’s Sandwich Thins (also acceptable, light and tasty: Thomas’ Bagel Thins)
  • Hummus (I mix this up every time—spicy is great if you like spice, but any of the savory ones, like garlic or pine nut are fantastic)
  • Tomato (sliced and, unless you like a soggy sammich, de-glopped)
  • Onion (thinly sliced into rings if you have that talent—makes the sandwich a little less messy)
  • Sprouts (I’m sure you could use lettuce, but…I don’t know; sprouts are really, really good)
  • Avocado (I generally use most of one half, thinly sliced and mashed)
  • Cucumbers (thinly sliced and not pictured because I didn’t have any that weren’t slimy)
  • Cheese (also not pictured because I forgot; I prefer muenster, but I’ve also had delicious luck with pepper jack and havarti—just keep it thinly sliced to keep the calories down, if that’s your jam)
veggie sandwich

Mmmm…Hummus and Veggie Sandwich. Credit: Kristen Seymour

1. If you’re eating your sammy now, toast the bread. If you’re saving it for later, no need, although you’ll miss out on a little extra yummy crunch. Spread half with a bunch of hummus, and spread mashed avocado on the other half. This tastes awesome and also helps your ingredients stick and your bread not to fall off the top.

2. Then, it’s easy! Layer your ingredients, starting with cheese and ending with sprouts. Or, you know, do it however you want—this just seems to work the best for keeping things in place. Because I love a big messy sandwich, but I don’t love having to pick half of my big messy sandwich up off the counter.

Pro tip: Cutting it in half makes it easier to mash it all down and keep it together.

Give it a try and enjoy! Then, let me know if you have any suggestions I should try to make this super-duper sandwich even better. But don’t say olives. Olives ruin everything. —Kristen

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