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A Sniff Schedule: Use Aromatherapy to Unwind

We’re all about spoiling moms this week with our Pampering Week theme—because every mama needs a little TLC!


Never underestimate the power of smells. They can open up the memory bank, they can relax you, and they can energize. So this week, Aura Cacia, a source for natural and organic essential oils, is helping mamas harness the effects of essential oils to help you elevate your day. After all, if you’re sleep deprived, you can use all the help you can get when it comes to gaining energy and focus!

Charlynn Avery, an aromatherapist and educator for Aura Cacia, suggests these five key times each day for people to use essential oils to revive energy, improve mood and relax—twice in the morning, twice in the afternoon and once in the evening. Use this sample schedule to fit in a little “me time”each day and get sniffing!

An Aromatherapy Schedule

Early morning: Energize with peppermint

Essential oils are said to charge your mind body and spirit with a revitalizing and invigorating experience.

  • Example: Peppermint Essential Oil
  • Application tip: Apply one to two drops on the bottom of your socks before heading out the door to achieve that extra pep in your step.
  • Other energizing recommendations: Peppermint Harvest Body Oil, Peppermint Aromatherapy Stick, Pep Talk

Late morning: Find balance with rose

Essential oils can help you cope gracefully while approaching your tasks with stability and harmony, says Avery.

  • Example: Rose Absolute Essential Oil
  • Application tip: Diffused rose absolute at your desk can produce a stabilizing atmosphere during times of stress, grief and anxiety.
  • Other balancing recommendations: Geranium Essential Oil, Clary Sage Essential Oil, Renewing Rose Aromatherapy Spritz

Early afternoon: Meditation with Neroli

Essential oils can help provide clarity, inner-strength and improved awareness.

  • Example: Neroli Precious Essential Oil
  • Application tip: Massage tension points—such as your temples—to alleviate distress, dispel negativity and stabilize emotions.
  • Other meditative recommendations: Sandalwood Precious Essential, Frankincense Precious Essential

Early evening: Clearing with eucalyptus

Soothe away any stresses and lingering negativity from your day. Essential oils can diffuse stress and revitalize you for tasks at home or fun with your family.

  • Example: Eucalyptus Essential Oil
  • Application tip: Place a few drops of eucalyptus on your car’s floor mats or plug in an Aura Cacia car diffuser. As you brave the traffic during your commute home, take a few deep inhalations and think ahead to your favorite part of the upcoming evening.
  • Other clearing recommendations: Cleansing Tea Tree Stick, Eucalyptus Harvest Aromatherapy Mist

Before bed: Relaxing with lavender

As your day comes to a close, relax the mind, body and spirit. Release yourself from worries of tomorrow’s to-do list to have a restful night and a brighter tomorrow.

  • Example: Lavender Essential Oil
  • Application tip: Combine 24 drops of Lavender with four ounces of water in a mister. Spray four times on your pillow a few minutes before bedtime to carry you off to sleep as your long day ends.
  • Other relaxing recommendations: Lavender Harvest Aromatherapy Bath, Roman Chamomile Precious Essential, Pillow Potion Mist

Seem like one more to-do to add to your list? Just pick your favorite scent and use it when you need it most! —Erin

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