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Les Mills PUMP will Pump You Up and Slim You Down

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Les Mills Pump Review


The barbell is nice and sturdy. I was surprised by the quality of it. The only issue I had was clamping and unclamping the safety clips, making it hard to switch weights in the time allotted during the workouts. That might have been just mine, though.

PUMP Pros:

  • The DVDs work great as individual workouts, and having a barbell with adjustable weight plates is an awesome addition to your at-home workout equipment.
  • The workouts are short but effective. Strength training plus cardio all in one saves a lot of time for busy exercisers.
  • There is the option to follow a structured 90-day program.
  • Well-balanced nutrition plan is included.
  • Fun, upbeat, motivating atmosphere.
  • Unique. The perfect way to get the group fitness experience in your own home. You really feel like you are there.

PUMP Cons:

  • No stretching at the beginning of the workout. I hate this for any DVD. After the warm-up, there should be STRETCHING, so I don’t pull any muscles, especially if the workout is going to be constant squats and lunges. I have a quad injury I need to be very careful of, and jumping right in and pounding out 20 weighted squats makes me nervous. The new exerciser also needs to stretch when introducing his or her body to exercise. There is the FLOW DVD, but I just needed a few minutes to loosen up.
  • I would have liked more ab work. There was a little here and there, but I was excited to see what exercises they would come up with using the barbell and the weight plates.
  • The price tag is $199.95. But there are a lot of workouts and you get the weights!

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  1. Renae says:

    I love Body Pump!! I saw an infomercial for this and was very tempted since I can’t get to the gym often during the summer (b/c of the kids) but the $199.00 price tag scared me off.

  2. This looks really exciting. I’ve taken a few body pump classes and I love the crap out of it, but its not easy for me to get there. So this would be a really good alternative.

  3. Tracy says:

    I’ve been told that a BodyPUMP class would be perfect for me, but it personally terrifies the bejesus out of me! Weights! At a fast pace?! Excuse me while I flee for my Spinfit.

    And, to be honest, I’d love to get this and give it a shot, but the $200 price tag (if they even ship[ped]) to the UK is enough to put me off trying it at home.

    Alas, I’ll need to wait until I’m a wee bit more fit to try it out in class.

  4. I would love to do this but I don’t even have a dollar ninety nine. There’s nowhere to BodyPump around here and I want to do it so bad!!

  5. Debbie says:

    OK so now I have to go check this out at my gym. It scares me a little too and also about a 30 minute drive to the gym that has weekend classes, but all my online fitness friends are talking about it. I may hate it, but at least tried, right? Too expensive to “try” at home, so motivated to catch a class soon. Thanks for the review!

    I think you can get this without the barbell and it may be less expensive. I already have a barbell I would use. Maybe I’ll sub Jari Love DVDs!!!

  6. DIstanceRunner says:

    I was just on their website http://www.lesmillspump.com. You’re right, it is a bit of money, but I see that you could try it out for $14.95 and they give you free shipping. Yeah, I know, you still have to pay for it, but at least this way I get to try it before I commit. This article intrigued me and I’ve seen the infomercial several times. I’m inclined to try it. I work more than full time and I have a small child too. Who has time for the gym? I’m going to suspend my gym membership if I like it. That way I can justify the purchase.

  7. Samantha says:

    I was hesitant to spend the money at first, but after 1 week, I noticed a huge improvement in my upper body and even have been complimented on my legs recently. I attribute that to all the lunges and squats I do in my LM pump workouts. Great music and great that they start with the 20 minute DVD and slowly build up to 55 minutes. The Lean Eating Guide has some great ideas for fueling your body too.

  8. Bianca says:

    Do they ship to Australia??

  9. I took body pump classes at the gym I loved what these excercises did for my body. I have looked on line can not find this set anywhere help

  10. Patti Elliott says:

    Ihave been doing body pump at my gym for over 14 years. My gym just went under new management and canceled my membership. I no longer will be going to that gym. I need to purchase this set. How/where can I order this???

  11. Jessica says:

    what is the name of this woman standing in front?

  12. Donna Forget says:

    They don’t sell to the public anymore. I am very disappointed. I didn’t have the money when they were now I have it and can’t get it.

  13. faith says:

    As some have indicated, LM is no longer offering this at home DVD collection, BUT they do now offer Body Pump (along with so many of their other programs, like Flow, Combat, CX, etc.) on demand. While it doesn’t come with the barbell, you could improvise with what you have at home (plates, dumbbells, your own body weight) for Pump. You can sign up on their website for a free trial, and then I believe the monthly subscription is around $15. Not bad for folks who don’t have access to Les Mills at their local gyms. The link to their site is http://www.lesmills.com/ondemand/

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