6 Moves for a Kitchen Workout While You Cook

kitchen exercises
Work up a sweat while you whip up dinner! Credit: Wonderlane

You know the saying “if you can’t take the heat get the heck out of the kitchen?” Well, we’d like to change that to “if you can’t find time to work out, do it in the kitchen.” Because, when I’m busy, I know that exercise can feel like it’s the unnecessary item on my to-do list that can be skipped. But the one thing that can’t be skipped? Getting meals on the table.

I could set my watch by my toddler’s grumbling tummy, so mealtimes are non-negotiable in my abode. And because toddlers aren’t known for being the fastest eaters on the planet, the kitchen is the perfect place to fit in these moves from Sara Haley, Reebok Global Fitness Trainer. Plus, they’re totally inventive and fun!

Whether you have little ones or not, check out this kitchen workout that you can do while you cook! —Erin


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