Getting You Pumped for the London 2012 Olympic Games!

The men’s swimming events start tomorrow! We can’t wait…

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We are just hours—hours, people—away from the London 2012 Olympic Games’ opening ceremonies, and holy-moly, we are pumped. PUMPED! The ceremonies are always awe-inspiring to watch, but, really, they’re just the warm-up act to the amazing athletic feats to come, the records to be broken and the amazing stories behind them.

There’s a reason why not everyone can be an Olympian, let alone a gold medal winner. It takes heart. It takes dedication. And it takes a whole lot of time, training and focus on perfecting your body for your sport. Because we’re totally swimming and Michael Phelps obsessed, today we’d like to share another Phelps video with you. This one—which was created by Visa Go World to help cheer on Team Visa athletes (#VisaGoWorld if you’re on the Twitter!)—is enough to give you goosebumps and maybe shed a tear. It’ll also pump you up. Like big time.

Fantastic, right? And six years without a break from training? DANG.

If you’re ready to get even more in on the Visa Go World excitement, we’re giving away another $20 Visa  gift card to help get you pumped for The Games. To enter, all you have to do is leave a comment with what sport you’re most psyched to see and why. While it’s not required per se, we also encourage you to check out Visa Go World’s Facebook page for this awesome app where you can cheer on your favorite athletes from around the world. It’s just another way to get in on all of the Olympics fun! We’ll select a winner in about a week, and U.S. readers only, pretty please.

Just a few more hours to go! —Jenn


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  1. I am most excited to watch the swimming because I was a competitive swimmer for several years and I know Ryan Lochte!

  2. Track & Field! Closely followed by gymnastics and swimming. Basically, I’ll be watching just about all of the events 🙂

  3. My favorite Sport to watch is Swimming. I am so excited to see athletes from my home pool compete in the games. I even met some of Team USA swimming which makes me that much more invested and excited 🙂

  4. I am looking forward to the swimming and the cycling. My sons have started swimming on a team so I want to watch swimming with them. I loved watching the Tour de France this past month and am looking forward to watching some of the same riders that I cheered on during the month.

  5. I’m hoping to catch the power lifting, especially US competitors Holly Mangold and Kendrick Farris. Both are awesome in the traditional sense of the word, and really inspiring.

  6. Although I enjoy watching all of it for the thrill of competition, I get excited for the track & field events.

  7. Excited to watch swimming and womens gymnastics! Love their dedication and love for the sport!

  8. I’m pretty excited for indoor volleyball and gymnastics but I’m super interested in racewalking because I feel like I could get into it.

  9. I could watch both men and women’s track & field all day long (& have!) Just amazing athletes, everyone of them & inspires me to dash out the door (but glued to the TV, so I don’t!

  10. i am most excited to see the canoe slalom. i am a big canoeing enthusiast and look forward to watching this adrenaline packed extreme canoeing event!

  11. I am excited to watch beach volleyball, gymnastics, swimming and soccer with my kids…The stories they tell about the challenges these athletes had to accomplish in order to get where they are now are a great inspiration to my kids and I. They are both young athletes but are already shooting for the olympics as their goal. In turn, it makes me realize that I can do it too…Just where do I start? I am psyched that we may all get in shape together in our own family olympics in our fight to get in shape.

  12. I am most excited to see the equestrian events because I finally understand all he components and what matters, that makes all the difference.