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Midnight Web Browsing and Laughter

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Credit: blue2likeyou

You know what’s terrible? Well, a lot of things. But today, specifically: When you’re exhausted and cannot fall asleep.

I don’t know what my deal was last night. I usually have no trouble falling asleep. Sometimes I can—and do—fall asleep sitting up. The phenomenon of the new baby and toddler who is always raring to go bright and early. But last night, I had a crazy burst of energy that had me working out in my living room while watching the Olympics at 8:30 p.m. Whether it was that same burst of energy that kept me up or whether it was the working out itself, I don’t know. But awesome? It was not.

After tossing and turning for 45 minutes or so, I picked up my phone to browse the web. I came across Let’s Panic, the pregnancy and parenting humor blog that inspired the hilariously titled book. I did so much midnight deliriously tired giggling that I don’t know how I didn’t wake the husband up. For instance, a response to a question about varicose veins? “Your body is hell-bent on circulating up to four pounds of extra blood to nourish you and your baby through pregnancy, and that blood needs legs to hideously pulsate through.” See? Hilarious.

This site is simply so funny that I couldn’t simply link to it and call it a day. So here are a few of my favorite giggle-inducing posts.

Let’s Panic Must-Reads

Google searches we cannot recommend. This had me LOLing.

Instead of pregnant you are…

You know those weekly updates comparing your fetus to vegetables? That’s not what they do here. Hilarious.

Snack ideas to prevent getting fat.

Ways to thwart your partner’s advances.

Pregnancy through the ages. Favorite line? Julius Caesar is allegedly born by his-own-section; his mother, Aurelia, survives the crude operation while simultaneously inventing a salad.”

That should give you a good start. You can thank me when you’re done laughing. Oh, and after giggling for half an hour, I finally started dozing off…just in time to get up to feed the baby. —Erin



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