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Try This Total Transformation Body-Mind Workout

body mind workout

Nichole Kellerman put together a workout so our bodies and minds can feel grrreat!

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Have you ever noticed how most men can just “eat a little less and start exercising” and drop 10 pounds in their first month? Doesn’t it just make you want to pull your hair out? Well, I felt the same exact way, so I started my own little investigation on why this could be…

Yes, men have a slightly higher metabolism, but it is just that, slight. It’s not so vast that it could make that big of a difference. So what is it? Why can men lose weight so effortlessly and we women feel like we have to exercise our brains off and eat only carrot sticks and celery to even drop one pound?

Well, the answer is so simple, it’s complicated: Emotions. We all know that women are the emotional center of every home. We are highly emotional beings and live our lives from our heart and soul. And that doesn’t change when it comes to food and our bodies. Emotions, self image and food are tightly woven together and, unfortunately, that makes weight loss a little more complicated.

But here is the good news! Once you really open your awareness to this fact, you start to unweave these three components, and weight loss begins to feel easy and effortless—more like our male counterparts. Our thoughts and our words have a profound effect on our lives and our weight-loss goals. If we are constantly restricting ourselves of foods we love, engaging in exercise that’s dreadful and cringing at what we see in the mirror, our thoughts are not going to be in line with what we really want.

This is exactly why I have created all of my workouts with positive affirmations. Studies have proven that habitual change is 80 percent mental and 20 percent mechanical, so I thought “Hey, let’s put them together and get the most bang for your buck!”

Behold the below video for a TOTAL transformation workout

(Here’s that PDF I promised.)

As you can see, this is a pretty meaty topic. If you would like to learn more ways to disconnect your emotions from your weight-loss goals, hop on over to my website. I have pretty sweet free training on there that gives you three more techniques to shed the pounds without deprivation or restriction. —Nichole Kellerman

Nichole Kellerman is a weight loss and lifestyle coach. Having struggled with her own weight and self image in the past, she is bound and determined to help as many women as possible learn the right way to lose weight. 


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