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FRS Review: Supercharging With Healthy Slim, Healthy Defense and Chews

FRSReviewIf you recall, I had the sweet pleasure of joining Tim Tebow for a workout sponsored by FRS. I still squeal when I think of that day. It was such a fun workout, and it was my first time trying products from the FRS line. I swear I was in love, first chew/drink. These products are amazing! The FRS Company produces a full line of healthy products, including ready-to-drink beverages, chews, powdered drink mixes, shots and concentrates. They all pack in the magic-antioxidant-of-the-day quercetin, which has been shown in multiple clinical trials to provide sustained energy, increased endurance and immune system support. (Great for runners!) Originally developed by a team of health scientists for chemotherapy patients, FRS products are now championed by some of the world’s most elite athletes, such as Mr. NFL Star of the Hour, Tim Tebow.

FRS-300wideFRS Healthy Slim and Healthy Defense Drinks

Of the FRS Slim drink line, I loved the Strawberry Melon Healthy Slim flavor best. I saw that it has this new stuff called Slendesta in it, which scared me at first. I thought it was some sort of new sugar substitute, but it’s actually a vegetable protein that’s been clinically proven to curb your appetite. I’m a beast, so I didn’t really feel any more full, but it does have fiber and quercetin, as well as vitamins C, E, B6 and B12. These bad boys are only 20 calories so don’t expect some great and fabulous taste. They’re not bad, but they’re not what I dream about at night either.

Of the Healthy Defense line, the Pomegranate Blueberry Healthy Defense was by far my favorite. Good flavors, and it’s the drink built to do what I first heard quercetin was good for: pumping up the immune system. Healthy Defense also consists of EpiCor–a naturally made ingredient that supports the body’s production of natural antibodies and helps to balance the immune system, plus vitamin D3, calcium and 520 percent of the recommended vitamin C we need. And with only 20 calories and 2 grams of sugar, it’s the perfect drink you can start chugging a couple of days before a big race. You know that cold you usually get after a marathon? (Well I got one after this!) Quercetin’s been proven to keep our health up. That works for me. I swear for my next race I’m going to do my homework—AKA getting me some quercetin!

FRS ChewsFRS chews, energy, quercetin

The FRS Chews are by far my favorite of the FRS products. I took a whole bag of these bad boys with me on my family vacation over the summer. They came in pretty darn handy when we’d be out on a hike. I won’t lie: They’re not delicious. They don’t taste like candy you’ll want to savor. (They’re a bit tart and tangy.) They do get the job done though. I took two of these before my Tebow workout and was zinging all over the place. And the best part was I didn’t crash! Two chews are only 40 calories. You’ve gotta love that!

Have you tried FRS yet? What are your favorites? Got any good energy zingers for me? —Tish

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