Missed Our Healthy Holiday Class Last Night? How to Watch the Free Recording!

The free recording is now live in case you missed our healthy holidays class last night!

It was a fit-bottomed good time last night on Learn It Live! Our free online class on How to Be an FBG Over the Holiday Season was packed full of energized readers ready to get motivated and be their healthiest this holiday season—without feeling deprived. Wait…what’s that? You said you missed it? Have no fear! The recording is here! One of the things I really love about Learn It Live is that all of our classes (either our free sessions or our more in-depth FBG Life programs) are ALL recorded and saved for months, so that you can watch them when it’s convenient for you. Sure, lots of cool stuff happens live (like the ability to ask questions and get answers in real time), but we know that life can get nutters. And that having a recording is one thing that makes life less nutters. So if you missed class last night (or if you were there and want to see it again!), click on the links below to sign up and watch the recording (click the big “View Recording Button”) from last night’s class, along with the previous free classes we’ve done on Learn It Live!

And, a shameless plug here not to forget our upcoming FBG Life Weight-Loss Program this January. Register here before Dec. 1, with the code NATLCS5Y to save 25 percent and lose the weight for good! —Jenn


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