Fit Tip Friday: Keep Your Water Bottle Clean With This Cool (Literally) Trick!

FBG Tish has a trick to keep that whole water bottle germ-free!

You probably carry your water bottle with you here, there and everywhere. Which means that it gets a lot of use. (And that you probably pee a lot!) But does it get a good scrub down? What about in those hard to reach areas like the straw and the lid?

Well, self-admitted germaphobe FBG Tish has a trick just for you in today’s Fit Tip Friday that’ll help to keep your entire water bottle sterilized and non-funky. The best part? It doesn’t involve scrubbing or any chemicals at all.

Today’s Fit Tip is a cool one…quite literally!

Neato, right? Who will be trying this one? Hooray for clean water bottles—straws and lids and all! And thanks to Tish for the easy fix to this germy prob! —Jenn


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  1. Interesting, hadn’t thought or heard of this trick before. We use water bottles on a daily basis at home, so making sure they’re as clean as can be is pretty important. We’ll try this and cross our fingers it helps!

  2. This will only render the microbes dormant; they will not replicate. But you’re still left with the same germies you started with. To sterilize you need heat or chemicals.

  3. Sorry, freezing doesn’t sterilize anything. The germs are just made dormant and wake back up as the item is thawing. Basic food safety 101. However, the bottle can be sterilized in your dishwasher providing the water gets hot enough. (that’s basically what dish washers are for, to sterilize the dishes) If you want an easy sterilization solution, put a cap full of bleach into a gallon of water in a bucket and let whatever you want to sterilize sit in it for 30 seconds, then rinse well to get the bleach solution off.

  4. Great tip thank you!! Ive been trying this and use a bit of electrolyte mix to make it a cool treat with minerals, so refreshing when hitting the weight s hard and you need a boost!

    I’m curious to know what you think about tap water vs filtered or spring water?


  5. Darren’s right. I heard this tip at a cycling convention and was so thrilled, but after doing some research on the CDC web site I’ve found that it kills only some. The best bet is boiling your bottles or using steam. If you can’t get your bottle to fit in a dishwasher than a baby bottle sterilizer is the next best thing.

    Thanks y’all for debunking that myth!