Tuesday Giveaway: Jessica Smith’s Thin in 10 Book and Workout DVD

This giveaway is part of New Year New Rear Week, FBG’s annual tradition of starting your New Year off with a fit bang. Get all the special posts and giveaways here!

You know how we shared Jessica Smith’s 10-Minute Cardio Quickie Workout this morning and teased that we’d be doing a giveaway? Well, dear friends, here is that giveaway!

Both a workout DVD and a book in one, Smith along with award-winning health and fitness writer Liz Neporent (one of our fave writers!) pen this weight-loss plan. With easy-to-follow photos and instructions, The Thin in 10 Weight-Loss Plan is based on the latest research and is jam-packed with inspiration, getting you motivated to lose weight and keep it off for good. The book features high- and low-intensity fat-burning and muscle-building exercises, healthful, easy-to-prepare recipes, tips and tricks, and a 50-minute workout DVD!

Ready to win it?! Simply leave a comment with why 2013 is your year to get a new rear, and we’ll pick a random U.S. reader in about a week to win a copy of this book and DVD! Winners will be notified via mail and in the comments. Woot! —Jenn


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  1. I had a booty you cold bounce a quarter off until I hit 34 now at 38 you can fold a load of clothes on it and I want my old one BACK ASAP !!!!

  2. 2013 is the year to work on my rear
    I hope to win a DVD and book here
    If I do, you’ll hear a big cheer

  3. My baby girl is going to be a 1 year old in 4 more days! It is about time that I took off the weight I gained during my pregnancy. And oh, yeah, the weight I gained starting 17 years ago with my first child! HA!! I am on a mission to lose the weight and be a much, much healthier person from here on out!! No more excuses!! 2013 is the year for My New REAR!!

  4. In 2013 I would like to actually get a rear! My butt is so flat- LOL. Jessica is one of my favorite instructors, so I hope that I win!!

  5. 2013 is the year that I am going to get back into shape. I started in Oct of 2012 exercising again and have found I love yoga. Thanks for the chance.

  6. An Ode To Booty

    This is the year I get in gear
    To work upon my flattened rear
    To jump and jab
    To look so fab
    To lunge and squat
    To look so hot

    So adding to my repertoire
    A book to hone my every flaw
    Will send my on my merry way
    And truly make my fitness day

    I just couldn’t resist the rhyme. I’d love to add a new DVD to my collection, as I’ve got serious exercise ADD, and tons of cardio has flattened my backside like nobody’s business. 2013 is all about toning and tightening for me.

    So here’s to a lifted derrière! And many thanks for the chance to win.

  7. 2013 is the year that I will finally do it. After gaining many pounds over the decades and an equal amount of excuses why, it is now or never time. I am 100 % commited to a total lifestyle change. It is the worst to avoid every mirror I pass and buying new clothes because of the shameful feeling of just how badly I have let myself go. Heres to 2013!!!!!

  8. This is my year to tone, not just blindly do cardio all the time-I want to feel strong. The book and DVD seem like great opportunities to tap into that drive.

  9. This will be my lucky year. I plan to keep all my resolutions this time and this prize will help the cause.

  10. This is my year to continue improving myself! I have many great intentions and WIGS (wildly important goals) that I am working toward! One of them is working on my rear to avoid the “flat” legacy of my family name! 🙂

  11. I’ve lost 35 pounds and tightend up parts of my body but my butt seems to be the hardest thing to tighten up!

  12. I turned 50 feeling & looking better than I ever did in my 20s, after 2 years working out (in!) with Jessica Smith DVDs. Now on to even better things!

  13. I accomplished loosing 40 lbs in 2012 but am stuck in a rut now. Although I did loose a lot of weight, I lost my rear as well! It desperatly needs HELP because its flat!

  14. Im hoping to get a new rear in 2013 b/c i will be doing race training for my first half marathon in October as well as committing to 13 races in 2013!! Jessica Smith is awesome and I would love to win this book so I can give it to my mother!!

  15. This is going to be the year that not only I get fit, but my husband and son do also. With a thyroid that barely functions, I need all of the help that I can get.

  16. At age 57, my rear is the last part I need to “firm” up after losing 13 lbs and 18 inches total this year. Any help would be appreciated.

  17. I love Jessica’s workouts, suggestions, challenges, etc. and I’ve seen results I thought were not possible. Thanks Jessica and waiting for more dvds. Happy New Year 🙂

  18. My rear is the first place I gain weight and the last place I lose it. It needs help!

    Note to Erin: I have plenty. I’d be glad to share!

  19. Now that I’m done with grad school, no more excuses for sitting on a nice, big, cushy rear when I could be exercising!

  20. 2013 is MY year to get a NEW and better REAR because I have finally decided tha I have no more excuses and to love myself is to make sure I am healthy and HAPPY!!!

  21. I started working on my rear in 2012 and stalled a bit… heres to making 2013 the year of the rear!!

  22. 2013 is my year! 13 is my lucky number – and a prime number – which means it is going to be great. Add to that a new outlook and determination and I simply can’t lose!

  23. I am expecting baby #2 in August and I am super pumped to make this a healthy fit pregnancy unlike the last one, where I ate garbage and cried for 8 of the 9 months. I’d love to have this DVD and book on hand for when I’m working on the baby weight come August, because as new moms know, doing DVDs at home during naptime is often the only way to possibly get in a workout.

  24. I am going to kill my rear in 2013! I started my fitness journey in the second half of 2012, so this year will mark the continuation of my FitBottomed lifestyle.

  25. I would love to win as I look for new ideas on food ideas and support to continue…. For me to loose is one thing but the help and ideas to keep going is nice to have…

  26. 2013 is the year I want to amp up my workouts! It’s time to really put in the effort to see results.

  27. This is the year I stay disciplined to do my barre and ballet regularly for keeping my bum lifted and cardio (that’s where Jessica comes in) to keep the fat off! I’ve been successful in the past, so I know it works. I just have keep it up, so need the motivation this book and DVD will bring.

  28. Now that the kids are older there’s no excuse not to. 2013 is the year exercise will be the priority.

  29. I’m turning 28 this year, making my way to 30 slowly but surely. If I can make sure my booty is in shape (literally) before hitting 30, I’ll feel better about taking the plunge into my third decade of life. Haha!

  30. A lot of time has been spent this last year in taking care of family and friends around me. I realize that I need to start taking care of me too, so 2013 is about finding that balance.

  31. 2013 will be the year that I no longer have a flat butt!! I WILL have a nice lifted and firm backside!

  32. This is my year, because it’s not getting any easier to get in shape the older I get. So time to quit jacking around and get it done!

  33. I have lost 35 pounds in the last two years and managed to keep it off. I have become inspired to open a fitness facility and help others do the same. Jessica Smith helped me and I am hoping to pass that along!!

  34. I unfortunately gained 40 pounds in the past few years and need to get back in shape! 2013 is my year to do it.

  35. I recently started running (after 20 years), and I would love this to help me stay strong, motivated, and have a new, sassy rear in gear!

  36. Well, last year was the year of the wedding/10K. This year, somehow I’ve signed up for three major races (10 miler, half marathon, and sprint triathlon). Looks like this is going to be the year of fitness!!! I am DETERMINED to get a six pack by June!

  37. in 2013 i’ll finally be a certified yoga teacher and can’t wait to start spreading yoga, peaceful thinking and good vibes to as many people as possible!

  38. I’m finally done with school and can start a healthy living routine (that won’t change every semester!).

  39. I want to enter a body building competition in the bikini division later this year, once I graduate college. I want all the help I can get!

  40. I’m motivated to continue my exercise routine~ for my health, my sanity, my children and sure, for my “rear” 🙂

  41. 2013 is the year I get back into shape to run a marathon with my dad. It’s his dream to run a marathon with one of his kids. Since I am the only child who runs, looks like it’s up to me! Here we go!

  42. 2013 is my year to get healthy. Last year I completed my goal of earning my Master’s degree, which was my intellectual goal. This is the year to focus on the physical and get my body back!

  43. I want to finish what I started last year. I still have about 40 lbs and/or 4 clothing sizes (whichever comes first) to go

  44. Last year I got serious about getting healthy after my mom had triple bypass surgery on her heart. The doctor talked to my siblings and myself about how we could be facing the same surgery if we did not loose weight and get healthy. I have lost 24lbs and have 20 to go- 2013 is my year.

  45. I’m very self-conscious about my weight and it effects so many areas of my life. Enough is enough. This is my year.

  46. I plan to be lean in 2013
    Keep moving and losing till I reach my goals
    Stay focused and committed eacn and every day
    One step one pound is the only way

  47. This is my year, time to make the right changes that I could not make last year! New outlook on me and life! Now is my time to shine & look good doing it! 😉

  48. I’m getting back to my fitness routine after being out of commission due to an injury. Ready to jump back in!

  49. 2013 is my new year to a new year because it is all about challenging myself and going outside the “comfortable zone”. Here I come!

  50. I would like to look and feel good this year, been following the healthy eating program now need to start the fitness which I keep putting off. This DVD will get me motivated and wanting to work out!

  51. I really like working out with Jessica, but I am having trouble fitting it into my new schedule. I’m looking for some new routines to get me started.

  52. 2013 it is going to be a huge year for me i am getting married back in my country Spain and working out it is always my scape to any stress that life can throw at me. Thanks for all your workouts and inspiration.

  53. The winner of this one is…Crystal with comment #12! Congrats! Emailing you now to get your address. Woot! 🙂

    —FBG Jenn