Bottle Light, Bottle Bright: Cleanest Bottle I See Tonight

Bottle Bright will get your bottles squeaky clean!
Bottle Bright will get your bottles squeaky clean!

Do you have a water bottle that’s hard to clean? Or a travel coffee mug that’s beyond gross? Or a CamelBak hydration pack you used when hiking that could be studied by a 6th-grade science class for a lesson on bacteria growth? Um, yeah, me, too. Which is why when Clean Ethics emailed us about its Bottle Bright effervescent tablets that clean a variety of hard-to-scrub drinking containers, we were so down to test them. And test I did.

Super simple to use, you pop a small Bottle Bright tablet into your dirty container that’s been filled with warm water. Let it sit for five minutes to dissolve, then give it a good shake, and then let it sit for at least another 10 minutes (longer if your drinking vessel is super grody), rinse out and bam! Cleanliness, minus the use of harsh chemicals (no chlorine!) and toxins. These little tablets really do get out stubborn stains and stinky odors without leaving any sort of aftertaste. It’s kind of like magic. (My only hiccup with them is that no matter what I do and how hard I shake, I just can’t get the lid of my Nalgene totally clean. The rest of the bottle is close to godliness, but the lid…argh…so many little grooves for grossness!)

And it’s feel-good magic at that. The mission of Clean Ethics is to provide a water-container sanitizing solution worldwide, so every time you buy a package of Bottle Bright, they donate the same amount of product to a developing country. Clean water containers for all!

Packaged with recycled, recyclable and biodegradable materials, Bottle Bright retails for $11.95 for 10 tablets and is available online and through select stores nationwide. We love them for travel, hiking, camping and, well, anytime you need to clean something drinkable that’s gross and tough to clean!

Have you ever tried Bottle Bright? Have any other tips for getting my darn lid clean? Share, please! —Jenn



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  1. Great tip. I’ll try the Bottle Bright on my Camelback and water bottle as they have always been a challenge to clean adequately. Thanks.

  2. Hi Jenn,

    This is Justin from Clean Ethics. Thanks for putting Bottle Bright to the test! It sounds like your grimy Nalgene lid just needs more contact time with the solution – I often throw a Bottle Bright tablet in a bowl with warm water to soak lids, straws, and other small items. The solution is safe to leave for an hour or even overnight if the lid’s really dirty.

    I also noticed the comment on Efferdent tablets – people should know that denture cleaners are a very different formula and can be dangerous. Denture cleaners contain persulfates and have been attributed to serious illness. By contrast, Bottle Bright is safe and recently certified by the Natural Products Association.

    Good luck with that lid and enjoy your fresh drinkware!


  3. lol on the denture tabs. I’ve never priced them but I’ll take your word for it. I often wondered if I could use some of my coffee pot granular cleaner for the same thing, which is also a lot cheaper. If it was free to try like this was for you, I would, but that’s expensive otherwise.

  4. I’ll second or third the denture tablets. My husband and I had a wine decanter we could never get clean and the wine store folks recommended it. It works so amazingly well that I started using it on all the kids’ and our water bottles.