The Book We Wish We Had When We Were Younger—and How You Can Win It!

A great read for all the teen girls in your life!
A great read for all the teen girls in your life!

Being a teen can be tough. Heck, being an adult woman can be hard sometimes, especially when it comes to all the crazy pants (and crazy wrong!) messages we get about how we need to look like this and weigh that to be beautiful or even worthy. So when we had the opportunity to work on a project for teen girls—one that allowed us to write a sane guide to getting fit and developing a positive body image from a young age—we jumped at the chance. At last, we could give young girls the healthy advice we wish we’d heard at that age! Woot! Woot! So, in addition to our book now being available to teens everywhere, we’re giving away 10 copies of A Girl’s Guide to Fitting in Fitness on FBG this week!

We did a giveaway over on Mamas recently and there were so many worthy recipients, so we thought, let’s do another! So if you are a teen girl or have a teen girl in your life (or honestly, this is a really good getting-fit guide for all ages!), leave a comment below with who you’d like to win it for and why. We’ll pick 10 lucky U.S. readers to win a copy from Zest Books in about a week and notify them in the comments and via email.

Good luck—and here’s to healthier and happier teen years! —Jenn


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  1. My youngest sister is 14 and has been having a lot of body image issues lately. I think this book would be great for her!

  2. I have 4 younger sisters in middle school/high school that I would LOVE to share this with! I’ve been trying to get them to share my love of running, yoga, & being active but it might help to hear it from someone other than the bossy big sister 😉

  3. What a great giveaway! My original intention was to mail it to my niece, but it looks so good, I may peruse it quickly first!

  4. I am a high school librarian and would love to win a copy of this book for our library (and to be a little selfish: so I can read it too!).

  5. My mom works in a middle school and this would be a great resource for her to have. I might read it myself first though!!

  6. I direct a faith-based mentoring program and I also personally mentor two teenage girls. Both are changing into young women…. and they aren’t so crazy about it. One of the girls especially is already concerned about her body and how she looks, but she is incredibly fit! My fear is that as she goes through high school over the next four years, she will be filled with negative messages from the media and her peers. I would loooove the have this book to go through with her and teach her how to love herself and her body and to learn healthy fitness tips. Pick me!

  7. My little sister is 14 years old, exactly 10 years younger than me. I watch her navigate her adolescence with empathy because I remember what it is like to feel negatively about myself and my body.

    Being fit and healthy growing up in my mother’s house is difficult. For over 10 years of her life, my mother was bulimic. Though she no longer purges, her emotional eating is out of control and she lives a very sedentary life. I grew up thinking overeating was normal.

    As I got older, I developed a love of exercise and educated myself about good eating habits. I try to be a positive role model for my sister, and encourage her to educate herself on being healthy as well. I would love to give this book to her as a resource for a healthier, happier life.

  8. Aloha,

    My daughter, who just turned 13, could be the recipient of this book. Living in Hawaii, there is constant pressure to be “bikini ready” year ’round. Having some practical teen advice about health and positive body image (and not coming from the mouth of ‘mom’) would be a great resource for her.

  9. I’ve really let myself go the last couple of years, but I’m trying to get back in shape. I think this would help me a lot, then I figured once I’ve gotten my use of it I could donate it to my local library! 🙂

  10. This book looks wonderful! Any plans to have an edition translated to Spanish? Would love to share with my Spanish-speaking little sisters and cousins.

  11. Exercise saved me in my teens. I didn’t have a role model and without sports and running, I wouldn’t have developed the healthy habits I have today, or gone into nursing or nutrition, that’s for sure. We have so many ED (eating disorder) programs around LA and the pressure is fierce, I’m sure. I’d love to add the book to my nutrition/nursing knowledge for all women. Heck even guys are having real problems with the image thing (thanks to media, for one). We all have to take it on ourselves and mentor a teen with this book (who most likely will not ask for help). Thanks for the giveaway FBGs!

  12. As I said over on FBM, I would LOVE to win this book! I am a teacher at an all-girls high school, and I am starting a health and wellness club next year! There is a lot of student interest and this would be a great guide to help me do this and bring some sane and healthy lifestyle advice to teens. Thank you FBG!!

  13. I’d love a copy for my mentee – she’s 15 and fabulous and dealing with all the stuff that comes with being a 15 year old girl… Plus her best friend has just decided she’s “fat,” so we’ve been talking about that too. Just taught her how to do squats properly, after she and her best friend started with 100…and were hobbling around the next day. Also trying to keep her running with me too, so she can start the health habit early! Thanks FBG’s!

  14. I would share it would my two younger sisters (both in their teens!). They both struggle with exercising and feeling comfortable doing it. I know they would love it!

  15. My niece is 13 and skinny as a rail, but the rest of our family is overweight. I worry about her either developing an eating disorder or going through puberty & ballooning (like a lot of our family did). This would help her to focus on being healthy! Thanks for the chance! 🙂

  16. I have two teenage daughters that I would love to share this resource with. As a parent I often try to find good tools to help open the door to talk about issues they are often faced with. Thank you!

  17. I would love to win this for my 13 year old daughter. She’ll be starting high school next year and I think this would be perfect for her!

  18. I would love to receive this book for myself! After a semester abroad of wining,dining and traveling, I could definitely use a little guidance to get back into my fitness routine.

  19. I would love to give this a quick skim and then pass it on to the girls at my old high school where I still volunteer. I didn’t get really committed to fitness until I was in my 20’s, and I wish I had started earlier! I’d love to pass this on to them.

  20. Hi, I have a daughter who just turned 13. Her grandparents are both diabetic and I know she is at a higher risk in getting it as well. I would love to give this book to her. I know she could learn from it as well as myself as a mom in helping her make better choices .

  21. Not only would I like to read it to compare my mistakes and the current journey I am on to improve my life, but I want to give it to my cousin who will be entering high school next year. Not only does she have lots of mental issues that can be solved with a little maintenance, she is overweight, just like her family. I want to make sure she does not go through the hell I went through dealing with my body and health and get her started off on the right foot.

  22. I have an almost 13 year old that is determined to get in shape (not that she’s out of shape) and I want to encourage her to be fit and healthy for life. She has agreed to attend Curves with me so that I will get into shape again.

  23. I have a tween that is already talking about going on a diet – says she’s too fat. I felt that way at her age as well and have been battling my weight n being “skinny” my whole life. I think this book will help her realize that it’s not about being skinny – but the real goal is to be healthy. She also has a family history of breast cancer (both grandmas) which obesity increases the risk of breast cancer. Diabetes runs on both sides of the family as well.

  24. My daughter just turned 16 in February. She has been active in sports so she has always been able keep a healthy weight. She wasn’t a very healthy eater, however. I would suggest that she grab an apple instead of chips, and she would respond that she is too young to worry about her weight. I tried to explain that it was not her weight, but the junk she was putting inside her body which motivated me to comment on her choices. Did I mention she’s 16? She doesn’t think I know very much. 🙂

    In her defense; however, I have always struggled with my weight. Eating unhealthy snacks and food and chronically dieting – with no success. So, I didn’t have a lot of credibility when trying to help her make good choices.

    She decided not to go out for track this year, and she has put on some weight. She has come to me – the chronic dieter that I am, albeit unsuccessful – asking for help. I would love to win this book for her so I can help her with the information she needs to not follow in my footsteps and be healthy. I don’t want to pass my chronic dieting behavior on to her. And, I might be able to learn a few things too. Thanks!

  25. I have a daughter who is turning 15 and she is having a lot of body image issues. She keeps comparing herself to the people at school or in magazines and never feels good enough with the way she is anymore. I really think this book would help her. She wants to do all these things to change herself and I want her to see she is perfect the way she is.

  26. I am a now single mother of two girls 11 & 7. Having gone through a divorce and a move to a new town this past year has been rough on all of us. Mostly my 11 year old. 11 is a rough time for anyone and my poor girl is struggling. She is bright, funny, quirky, and loving. She is a girl and a huge nerd. Loves Star Wars, doctor who, comic books etc. she is having a hard time finding “her” and I’ve noticed her changing who she is and what she likes to try to fit in. This book sounds like it would help her find her place and be comfortable with herself and I think it would be excellent for her!

  27. I am a busy working mom with a 21 month old daughter and have always had issues w/ weight and image problems. I would love this book to get myself in the right mind set and be able to bring my daughter to have a positive outlook on her body as well as fitness.

  28. I would like to have this book as a reference for my daughter, she is about to become a teenager. My hope would be for her to use what she learns throughout her life.

  29. I have two girls , 11 and 16, that struggle with their weight and need some positive guidance.

  30. We have our lucky winners randomly picked! Emailing all of you ladies now to get your mailing addresses. 🙂 Congrats!

    Anjali — #11
    DiAnn Ruth — #26
    Stacey — #19
    Lindsay — #16
    Angie Pletcher — #20
    Rebecca — #2
    Kristy — #28
    Lynn — #32
    Dina — #24
    brooke savage — #25

    Thanks to ALL who entered!

    —FBG Jenn