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10 Potty Training Tips: Because Someone Needs to Benefit from What I’ve Learned from This Dreadful Stage

potty-training-tips-585Yesterday I promised potty training tips for other parents on the long road to dryness. It’s probably my least favorite part of the stage we’re in—worse even than tantrums. I thought I’d share my tips with you in hopes of making others’ potty training experiences just a little easier, even if that’s just reminding you to have a sense of humor!

10 Potty Training Tips

1. It will get better. You will hit a point when you think it’s never going to happen for you. It will. Like sleepless nights, this too shall pass.

2. Wait until they exhibit all of the readiness signs. And then wait an extra month.

3. Key readiness sign 1: Agreeableness. If they are contrary to life, take a rain check. You do not want to be dealing with tantrums each time you head to the bathroom because you’ll be heading to the bathroom a lot. Like, more than you can fathom. Not worth it.

4. Key readiness sign 2: Staying dry. If your kiddo can’t stay dry for more than 30 minutes at a time, don’t waste your time. Wait until you’re consistently seeing dry diapers until you make a move.

5. They’re in charge. There are many times to put your foot down as a parent, and this isn’t one of them. You will not win.

6. Training diapers are BS. Seriously, training diapers are just more expensive diapers, and I’ve decided, a total scam by diaper companies to keep your kids in diapers. They’re still crazy-absorbent, so kids don’t feel a difference. Get some for overnight and save your money by graduating to training underwear (the thick absorbent ones) and real underwear.

7. Expect accidents. Accidents will happen, but these little mistakes are valuable teaching tools. Accidents don’t feel like accidents in diapers; accidents feel like an “oops!” when they have wet pants or a puddle on the floor. They learn quickly to head to the potty—or start doing the potty dance so you know to get them there.

8. Have clean-up supplies handy. I have tons of cloth diapers around the house for all kinds of kid spills, but they come in especially handy now. (At least if I didn’t cloth diaper, I can cloth-clean up!)

9. Beware auto-anything. In public, cover up the sensor to the auto-flushing toilet. Explain how the loud hand-dryer works. This is whole new territory, and you don’t want setbacks because of fear of flushing or loud noises!

10. Porta-potty. Buy an extra cheapo potty and have it in the car. That way, you’re prepared if you’re on the go or at the park where there are no convenient restrooms.

I’m hoping these tips will help even one parent hold onto their sanity a moment longer. What potty training tips can you share? —Erin

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