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Top 3 Pilates Exercises for New Moms

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I recently tried out Pilatesology, a massive collection of online Pilates workouts. There are so many to choose from, and you can work at any level, from beginner to crazy-advanced Olympic level. But most new moms don’t want crazy-advanced, am I right? So today, I’ve got three basic moves so you can get a quick taste of what Pilatesology has to offer. Remember, Pilates looks simple but it’s HARD. Particularly for new moms whose abs are weakened from growing babies. Make sure you’re cleared to be working out, and make sure you work up to your level, slowly!

Here are the top three Pilates moves for new moms, brought to you by Alisa Wyatt, chief Pilates officer, Pilatesology.com. You can check out the service for free for 10 days, so if you’re a Pilates lover but can’t get to the gym because of babies, it’s way convenient!

3 Pilates Exercises for New Moms


This is one of the toughest Pilates exercises, but it’s so effective!

1/2 Roll Down in Steps

Benefits: The tactile cue in this move really wakes up your deep low abs to pull them back into place.

1. Start from a sitting position with feet hooked under a strap or heavy piece of furniture for support. Hands hold back of thighs.
2. Inhale, pulling navel in and up and roll the small of your back onto the mat. Stop and poke yourself just below your belly button. The tactile cue helps your muscles engage. Hold for 3 counts.
3. Continue rolling down stopping for a 3-count hold and finger poke at Below the Navel, Navel, Just above Navel, Base of Sternum (where ribs come together). Rest.
4. If you can, roll back up with the same slow process. Note that rolling up requires more strength than rolling down so you may need to practice only rolling down for a while.

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