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13 Healthy Habits I Just Don’t Do

I’m a creature of habit. Luckily, many of those habits happen to be healthy ones. I work out. I eat huge salads. I eat vegetables almost every night with dinner. I add chia seeds to my smoothies. I don’t smoke. I don’t drink too often. I’m never afraid to pick up the phone and make a doctor’s appointment. But there are some healthy habits and health foods that I just cannot get into, no matter how much I try.

I try to stay up on what’s new in the health and fitness world, and doing so is a great way to find new healthy obsessions (see chia seeds in my smoothies). It’s always a bit of a bummer when the new “it” thing everyone is raving about is something you just can’t stomach without gagging (coconut water, I’m looking at you), or something that just seems way too hardcore-scary to ever try (like CrossFit).

I’m all for finding the healthy things you love and sticking with them. Don’t be afraid to be adventurous, of course, but if you love spinach, don’t beat yourself up for not wanting to eat kale morning, noon, and night. I’ll be sticking with my Zumba, Brussels sprouts, and chia seeds… and ignoring some of these healthy habits that I just might never learn to love…

No. 1: Drinking Coconut Water

Credit: John Revo Puno, Flickr

Coconut water and I don’t get along. Credit: John Revo Puno, Flickr

Oh, the touted benefits of coconut water. It’s an all-natural way to hydrate, and it’s a low-carb, low-sodium way to add potassium to your diet. In fact, it’s got more potassium than four bananas, which is a little, well, bananas. It’s also said to offer the same hydration and endurance support as leading sports drinks, but with fewer calories. While fitness buffs and foodies everywhere swear they love the stuff, I cannot for the life of me stomach it. It tastes so wrong, and inevitably, whenever I try it, thinking I’ll have matured and changed and will now finally get it, I can’t get past the first sip. I think I just have to accept the fact that coconut water and I will never get along.

Keep reading for 12 more healthy habits I just can’t get into…and tell me: what healthy trends are you unable to stomach? —Erin

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