An Active Wedding Ring? Meet the QALO Ring That’s Designed for Workouts

QALO wedding band

Never worry about losing your wedding ring during a workout again!

A few weeks ago I tied the knot with my lovely bride FBG Tish. My excitement about marrying her was through the roof, and I have to admit, the thought of wearing a wedding ring was a big deal for me as well. Normally, wearing a ring wouldn’t be a problem at all, but we knew our honeymoon would entail lots of water activities (surfing and snorkeling were both high on my to-do list), so I was happy to hear I’d have a rather unique wedding gift to help with my concerns about my ring during water sports.

Cue the QALO Ring! You want to rock a wedding band, but don’t want to lose that pricey piece of jewelry in the ocean? No problem! This ring is pretty nifty. It’s made out of rubber and fits firmly around your finger, so it won’t fall off.  It’s comfortable, which was a major perk considering I still wasn’t used to having a foreign object on my finger. In fact, when I went snorkeling, I totally forgot I had the ring on. It also helps that the bands are affordable. Being that the men’s band is only $20, I wasn’t too worried about losing it.

Which brings me to another pro about sporting the QALO Ring: Because these bad boys are inexpensive, they’re perfect for traveling. I have a friend who bought traveling bands for him and his wife because they feared getting robbed on vacation. Great idea, but even a cheap gold band can cost a pretty penny and frankly, I’m cheap.

The QALO ring is waterproof and can stand the wear and tear of an active person. Just to test its durability, I went ahead and started wearing it for workouts. While Tish has complained many a time that her usual band gives her calluses during workouts, I found my Qalo band to be comfortable and light. Again, I forgot I even had it on. If you’re active like me or travel regularly and need a good stand-in band, this ring is definitely something to consider. And they’re supposed to be making ladies’ rings soon!

Would you consider wearing a special wedding band during workouts? —Mark Arana

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  1. Teresa says:

    My fingers swell up when I run long distances, especially in the heat. When I forget to take my ring off, I always end up with it stuck on sausage fingers that will barely bend. I would love to have a ring with some give in it – I don’t like going without my ring but I’m afraid if my fingers swell too much it might cut off the circulation temporarily. Not sure this would work either, but I would definitely consider a special band if it would work for me.

  2. Emily says:

    I’m not a guy but I love this idea and hope they come out with the ladies band soon! I know my husband worries about losing his band so this may be the perfect solution. Thanks!

  3. Lisa says:

    Emily, they DO have them!! Available in purple, light gray and a teal color!

  4. john says:

    So, would definitely agree that its worth removing your pricey ring for exercise or water activities, but the question is not what do you wear instead, its where is the pricey ring while you are exercising? The answer is KEEP IT ON YOU…with the RingSafe.
    My wife and I solved this problem when I misplaced my ring at work. Now I wear it every day at work, at the gym, even doing dishes. We have prototyped them and are trying to get some support pending a crowdfunding campaign. you can get a good look at them on our FB page at fb.com/ringsafe
    Now, if you want to not have a metal ring at all and instead have a Qalo, then that makes sense, but if you have a band that represents your marriage, then that should be kept safe and preferably on your person.

  5. King says:

    I’ve seen woman’s bands on https://imperialrings.com/. These are definitely a more practical way of wearing a wedding ring in my opinion. I think they are going to be more popular since the whole Jimmy Fallon thing lol.