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Five Minutes With Winter Olympics Halfpipe Snowboarder Elena Hight

Elena-HightLet’s go ahead and start the countdown to the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics, shall we? No other event gets us more pumped up and inspired to be our absolute best in and out of the gym than the Olympics. So, when we got the chance to chat with halfpipe snowboarder Elena Hight — who is, um, a total bad-ass and is a favorite to win gold in Sochi — we were pumped to pick her brain! Elena has been to the last two Olympics (first one when she was only 15!) and she is a regular on the X Games podium and other prestigious snowboard competitions globally. Not to mention that this summer she was featured in ESPN The Magazine’s Bodies We Love issue. Gorgeous!

Interview with Snowboarder Elena Hight

What was it like to be in ESPN The Magazine’s Bodies We Love issue? What did you first think when you saw your photos? I didn’t get to see my photos until they were published online … so I was definitely a bit nervous! After having seen them, I am pretty happy with how they turned out. Of course, I am going to always pick out things I don’t like, but overall I am very happy.

How was the photo shoot for it and how did you feel before, during and after it? The photo shoot was a crazy experience. I was a bit nervous before but excited at the same time. There was so much anticipation going into it that by the time the day actually came I was excited for it to be really happening. Afterwards, I felt pretty accomplished. I never thought I would do something like this, so it was a really cool experience to have.

How are you preparing for Sochi? Excited for it? I am spending a lot of time training on and off snow this summer in preparation for Sochi. I will be training on hill in Mt. Hood and in New Zealand, and I will be strength training with my trainer the rest of the summer and fall. I would love to go to another Olympic Games, so I am working as hard as I can to be ready. I am really excited for this upcoming season, I think it is going to be a lot of fun!

What are a few of your favorite workout moves? Any moves you love to hate? I am a big fan of Bosu balls. I love to use them for balancing leg exercises, such as single-leg modified dead lifts and squats. I also love stability balls. I really like to use them for core exercises like planks and v-ups. I love to hate jumping exercises. I do a lot of weighted jumps and weighted jump roping, which I really have a love/hate relationship with.

We hear that you love to cook. What’s your favorite healthy meal to cook? I love to cook stir-fry … everything but the kitchen-sink type stir-fry. The more variety the better!

What are three things you couldn’t be healthy and fit without? My reusable water bottle, Nixon headphones and a yoga mat.

Do you have a motivational mantra or phrase that helps you push through? What is it and why does it work? I don’t really have a motivational mantra; whenever I feel like quitting, I just think about the disappointment I will feel if I do and that is usually enough motivation for me to keep pushing on.

Anything else? And good luck in Sochi! We FBGs will be rooting for you! I think that’s it! Thank you!!!

We know it’s a ways off, but are you getting pysched for Sochi, too?! Love to learn about how these amazing women train and stay motivated? Check out this video to learn more about Elena — love her attitude!  —Jenn

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