Workouts Over the Decades — Talk About a Revolution!


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Oh, workout trends of the past! Remember the step and aerobics craze of the 80s?


Or how kickboxing and group cycling took off in the 90s and 00s?


Well, it’s time for a new phase in the workout world … it’s time for a revolution! And Les Mills (creator of BODYPUMP, our fave!) has partnered with Reebok to take the fitness world by storm. The alliance between these two mega group-fitness companies is sure to not only reinvigorate what we know as group exercise, but it will also bring us into the wave of the fitness future. And, dudettes, we cannot wait.

Check out the Revolution video here or below!

And if that’s not squeal-inducing enough, the collaboration will also release a new top-quality line of co-branded Reebok/Les Mills clothing and footwear that will be available in January 2014. Ahhh!

While we anxiously await January, I’ve been giving more thought to my favorite workout decade. And, well, it’s no easy task to pick just one. Currently, I love the workouts I’m doing — more high-intensity training, yoga and running. But, well, I also have super fond memories of the past. From doing aerobics VHS tapes in my basement in the 80s, to jumping on the kickboxing bandwagon in the 90s to even beginning to teach my very own group exercise classes in college and grad school (I taught everything from group cycling to floor to step to boxing to yoga!) in the 00s, fitness has been a key part of my life every step of the way, pretty much. And, I guess I like it that way. After all, it’s hard to ever get stuck in a workout rut when the times (and cool companies like Les Mills and Reebok) are always throwing you new trends to try! So my favorite decade? Well, all of them!

How do you think exercise has changed over the decades? Which fitness trends did you try out back then? And what are you current faves? —Jenn


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  1. Very intriguing! I’ve probably tried most everything over the years, but my very favorite was the original Firm video (yes, I said video!) Probably one of the first interval training videos that incorporated weights – light weights, heavy reps – and it worked. I was in the best shape of my life when I did it. I used it so much the tape started garbling and skipping! Wonder if I can find it on CD???

  2. I tried bellydancing a few years ago and love it. I also think it’s something I can do all my life and it probably would help those with hip problems. I think it’s important to have some exercise that’s not as taxing on the joints–plenty of those come and go. I enjoy seeing the trends though.

  3. Oh how time flies! Before is was as simple as doing aerobics, and now you’ve got a mish mash of different kinds of exercise! You’ve got Zumba, Hip Hop Abs, Bikram and all these variations exercises. I guess this is also meant to meet the needs of the changing times since people nowadays need the excercise more than ever because of the rampant junky and unhealthy lifestyle. (Guilty!) I personally tried Zumba and enjoyed it.