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About the Coolest Idea EVER: 30 Squats for a Subway Ticket

squatsforticketsHave you guys seen the news that the Moscow subway will soon let you ride the subway for the low-low payment of just 30 squats?

Yes, 30 squats.

It’s about the coolest thing EVER.

With the stop-and-give-me-30-squats-for-a-ride option, the Moscow subway is trying to both improve health and decrease the number of free-riders, according to the article. And I think its brilliant. I’d totally do that. Over and over and over again.

Now, I’m not sure on the specifics — like how low do you have to go for it to count, do you have to do it in a certain time period, why they chose squats, what happens if you need to modify it — but it’s damn cool. (The video is in Russian, but you can see a demo here.) And exactly the kind of inventive idea that this world needs.

Because, let’s face it, it can be hard to get into a regular workout routine — especially if you didn’t grow up with a positive healthy role model. But something like this that encourages a little more movement in people’s everyday activities and actually kind of makes it cool? (Instead of discussing work drama, we’re chatting about how good we’ve gotten at squats for the 5:05 train!) Yes. And what if this sparks more and more ideas for how to make our daily lives more active? What if we could save on all kinds of things for being healthy and actually go rewarded for making the better decision (instead of paying more for a salad)? What if, ladies, what if!

Now, I’m off in dream land, brainstorming the ways that we could make the world a healthier place, but I realize that a) I don’t live in Russia and b) 30 squats doesn’t make someone totally fit. But every bit helps. And every idea can spread. And I want to spread the idea! (I’m really, really digging Erin’s recent piece on this, too! Great minds think alike … ) 

So, tell me, what activity would you do for a subway ticket? And better yet, what are your ideas for taking this concept to new healthy levels? You never know what might happen … —Jenn   

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