Ditch the Deprivation and Get the Anti-Diet — With Pre-Order Freebies You Can Get Today!

We spilled the beans that we were writing A BOOK (!) months ago, but today we’re announcing another layer of super-duper awesome on top of that: A free mini book plus three fun recipes when you pre-order The Fit Bottomed Girls Anti-Diet that drops in May!


Basically, here’s how it went down: We wrote the book, New Year New Rear Week started, and we knew we had to share some of it with you NOW to help you kickstart your New Year to be the healthiest one yet. The info in the book was, like, burning a hole in our proverbial fit pocket.

And, so, we put together The Little Book of 10-Minute Fixes, which is a bit of a sneak-peek of what’s to come in the full book with a mix of some of our favorite sections plus original content you won’t find anywhere else, (including the book!), along with three deliciously fun yet easy Chex recipes that we specially created just for you. This book is exactly how to start the New Year off with a healthy FBG-a-fied bang — and the perfect way to help tide you (and, honestly, us!) over until the full book comes out on May 6!

How to Pre-Order and Get The Little Book of 10-Minute Fixes Today

Here are the deets on how to get your freebies! 

Oh, and once you do, be sure to tag us on social media (@FitBottomedGirl) and use the hashtag #FBGAntiDiet to tell us what you thought about it — and how you’re living the Anti-Diet life, too! —Jenn


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  1. I pre-ordered the book from iBooks and did not get a reiciept number. iBook said it will bill me when the book comes out. So how can I take advantage of the promo for the extra little book now ?

  2. Oh, man! Christine — we’ll email you with what to do. No worries though, we’ll get you our little book! 🙂

    —FBG Jenn