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Doonya: A Bollywood Dance Workout That Will Get You Groovin’

Doonya585For many years, I’ve accepted the fact that only after a few takes can I really rub my belly and tap my head at the same time. My coordination is not terrible, but it certainly is not a strength of mine. I knew I would never be a cheerleader or Chicago Luvabull. If it’s choreographed, I’m scared.

I recently welcomed three separate discs of the Doonya, The Bollywood Dance Workout into my home. My son laughed the entire 56 minutes of my attempt at the first DVD, Beginner Breakdown, which focuses on Doonya fundamentals. I was a rock star during the warm-up and the breakdown of the signature moves, but got completely lost when Kajal and Priya (who are ADORABLE and so happy) put the dance moves together. At that time, it turned into a freestyle dance party with my 16-month-old!


I’ve got the Doonya moves down!

The second DVD I tried was Cardio Dance and Conditioning, which, you guessed it, focuses on cardio and conditioning through dance for 70 minutes. The first quarter of the time took me through a warm-up and refresher from the first DVD, which I totally needed! The girls put a lot of emphasis on glutes and thighs, which I can appreciate. We also did moves focusing on strengthening the core and all of these combined touched on cardio. Each dance offers an option of instruction and music or music only. Before each segment, the ladies also let the audience know who to watch for modification. With the instruction you do the steps slowly without music, then with music, then kick up the tempo. The 11 dances all target something different, like cardio/hips/abs or cardio/glutes. You work your whole body from head to toe by the end.

The third DVD, Abs, Glutes and Cardio, provides three high-intensity express workouts for sculpting and weight-loss. There’s a warm-up and cool down you can pair with any of the express workouts, which include a 10-minute ab segment, 12-minute lower body and a 16-minute express cardio workout.

This DVD focuses on getting that workout in for busy schedules, which we mamas know a bit about! The routines move just as quickly, but after completing the first two DVDs, I didn’t feel too lost with the movements, at least not during the abs portion. I felt it wasn’t as fast as the last two express workouts. Part of the DVD feels like belly dancing … not that I would really know what that feels like! It’s as though you move your body in a flow, with rhythmic isolations, and I’m not used to that. My hips don’t move as kindly as the ladies in the video. I’m just glad Evan was asleep, my husband was out of the house and the blinds were closed for this one!

Overall these DVDs have a really happy, spunky vibe, so it’s no surprise it’s dubbed the “happy workout.” The ladies are chipper and always smiling through every count, which is encouraging. It wouldn’t be my first pick to try if I was pregnant or newly postpartum, but for those who pick up on dance moves quickly, it would be a great fit!

FBM Rating (Out of 5):
Instruction: ★★★★★
Long-Term Likeability:★★★
Music: ★★
Fun Factor: ★★
Meets Expectations: ★★
Overall: ★★★

Fit Bottom Line: To really enjoy this one, coordination is a must! If you’re a former or current dancer, this DVD would be great for you! You have the option to go quickly through your workout or slow things down based on your time.

Ever had your kids laugh at you while rocking out a dance DVD? Is this a workout  you would try? If so, enter code “fitmama” at checkout for $10 off a 3-disc set! —Jennifer

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