Review: FLIP FLOP Abs Workout DVD (Plus Bonus Interview!)


flip-flop-abs-dvd-cover-fitzness-FINALFitz Koehler, the badass blonde behind FLIP FLOP Abs, has been a friend of mine for years. It started out with me training with her more than 10 years ago and developed into a friendship that even our dogs share.

Now, that might make you think that offering to review her breakout core fitness DVD would be a no-brainer. You’d be wrong.

The fact is, I accepted the DVD to review because, as I mentioned, I’ve trained with her. I know what kind of amazing workouts she’s capable of leading. I also know how goofy she is, having been the recipient — and occasionally the good-natured butt — of her jokes, which she slings out almost as often as commands to kick higher and hit harder while you’re working over the heavy bag in her gym. If I’d been concerned about the quality of the workouts, I would’ve politely declined. I’m happy I didn’t have to worry about that.

Not surprisingly, FLIP FLOP Abs (so named because you’re constantly flipping from your front to your back and from one side to the other to hit every angle of every core muscle you can imagine, and even some you can’t until it starts burning) delivers on the tough workouts. There are three workouts, each 12 to 15 minutes long, and all require nothing more than you and a little space on the floor. (Maybe a mat if you want one.) I love workouts that don’t require a huge amount of floor space or equipment.

She’s also surrounded with a crew of crazy fit (and, when a triathlete calls people crazy fit, you know it’s for real, right?) guys including former NFL players, a track champion, an ultramarathon runner and more — proof that this isn’t just a powder-puff, get-ready-for-bikini-season type of workout. It is fo’ real.

I did all three workouts in a row, which is probably not recommended, but I wanted to make sure to get the full experience. (See what I do for you guys?) What’s great is that, while a couple of moves are similar, there are no repeats. Plus, you know how I mentioned she’s goofy as all get out? That shines through in a big way as she chats and jokes her way through each move, stopping only occasionally (and only for a second or two — literally) to catch her breath.

flip flop abs part
When your friend films a workout DVD, OF COURSE you attend the release party!

Since Fitz is a friend of the FBGs (she and Jenn go back a while, too), I figured this would be a fun opportunity to ask a couple of questions about the “making of” stuff. How often do you get to grill someone on their first video, right?


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  1. Could you tell me whether there are a lot of V Up type moves? I think I have OK ab strength for planks and crunches, but I cannot get myself from prone to sitting up without throwing my arms over my head. I’d like to keep working at it, but if the DVD is half moves like that, then I won’t do it. Thanks!

  2. Hi! It does have a good number of moves that I would put in the V Up category as far as strength and difficulty goes, but it hits all the angles, so while one might be tough, another might be surprisingly easy. And the good news is, if something is so hard you can only do one, then start there — you can add another as soon as you’ve increased your strength. Hope that helps!