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5 Pet Nutrition Tips

You know how yesterday we shared three totally healthy and organic dog treats and goodies? Well, today, the founder of the company that made those eats, Clear Conscience Pet, is here to share five pet nutrition tips for Fit Bottomed Pets Week!


pet-nutrition-tipsAnthony Bennie started his company in 2010 with his wife, Amanda Malone Bennie. The company’s mission is to create innovative, healthy and sustainably sourced nutrition for dogs and cats — and he knows a thing or two about pet nutrition, as he’s been a guest lecturer on the topic of pet nutrition at several veterinary colleges including Cornell University, The University of Florida and The University of North Carolina, and has been quoted on pet nutrition here, there and everywhere. Today he drops the pet-nutrition-knowledge on us!

5 Pet Nutrition Tips From Anthony Bennie

Anthony Bennie with one of his favorite four-legged friends!

1. You can find safe pet treats. The Chinese pet jerky treats outbreak that has caused pets to become ill has pet owners worried about what pet treats are safe — if any — to give to their canine companions. The good news is there are plenty of USA-made and sourced pet treats from ethical companies that offer safe and nutritious products for pets to enjoy.

2. Snacks are good for pets. Despite the FDA’s recent statement that treats are not a necessary part of a fully balanced diet, pets can be affected by cutting out all nutrition between meals. Healthy snacks can play a vital role in helping pets maintain energy levels throughout the day between meals and are also important for emotional bonding and training purposes.

3. Check the label. Make sure to buy pet treats made and sourced in the USA and also avoid products with ingredients like glycerin, propylene glycol, chemical preservatives and artificial colors. A good rule of thumb is: if you can’t pronounce the ingredient or don’t recognize it as food, you should avoid it. (Hey, it’s just like human food!)

4. Go grain-free. For the healthiest treat options, look for grain-free treats with high meat content that are low in carbohydrates. All Clear Conscience Pet treats, for instance, are ultra low in carbs, which is the chief contributor to pet obesity.

5. Ask your local pet store for help. Independent specialty pet food retailers can be a huge help in recommending pet food and treat brands that have earned a reputation for high-quality and wholesome ingredients.

A big thanks to Anthony for the pet-nutrition tips and clarity on that scary pet jerky outbreak! Do you give your pets snacks? —Jenn

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