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Best Workouts to Do With Your BFF (Best Fit Friend!)

workouts with friends
Whether you’re typically a group exerciser or prefer working out solo most of the time, the fact is that having a workout buddy to hold you accountable is a great way to stick to an exercise plan.

It’s also an awesome way to ramp up the fun level of any workout, especially if that workout buddy is a close pal you love spending time with!

But let’s be honest — girlfriend might not be game to lace up her sneakers and join you on your typical run, and maybe you’re not all that into the Zumba class she holds so dear. Never fear! There are plenty of classes you could try together in honor of our first Best Fit Friends Week, and we’ve enlisted our BFFs over at SweatGuru to provide a few suggestions! (You remember Jamie Walker, right? Of course you do! And of course we couldn’t resist bringing her back in to offer suggestions!)

3 Best Workouts to Do With Your Best Fit Friend

acro yoga

Credit: SweatGuru

1. Acro Yoga: Partner up and take your friendship to new heights! Could you guys use a little adventure? Acro Yoga blends yoga with acrobatics and healing arts (plus a partner!) to cultivate balance, trust and empowerment.

2. CrossFit or Spin class: Give it your all and challenge your bestie! Does your relationship thrive during friendly competition? A class like CrossFit or Spin, where you’re able to go at your own pace but have tangible results at the end, just might be what you both need to get out of your comfort zones or push through a plateau. (Or, if it turns out to be a little more challenging than expected, just think about all the laughs you’ll have as a result!)

outdoor bootcamp girls

Credit: SweatGuru

3. Outdoor bootcamp: Let’s be sweat friends! Blood brothers are a thing of the past (plus? EW.). Sweat friends, though? That’s something we can totally get behind! Enjoy the summer weather (or suffer through it if it’s particularly hot and humid where you are) and build a bond based on motivation (and perspiration).

Want to check out a class with your BFF? Pop on over to our SweatGuru SweatFriends Workout giveaway and enter to win a class for you and a buddy! Let’s get sweaty! —Kristen

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