Workout I Did: The KISS Workout

At this point in my pregnancy, things are getting a bit more challenging. There are some pregnant workout beasts out there who can maintain a CrossFit schedule like a boss, but I wouldn’t be one of them. (Mainly because I don’t do CrossFit to begin with, never mind in pregnancy, but you know what I mean.) So as I get rounder and rounder, I’ve really had to adjust my workout expectations. (And with my history of preterm labor, I’m consciously taking it way easier starting about … now!) So while my workouts might be a little less exciting than normal, I’m trying to remember to do what I can and to appreciate what my body can still do. Because as I get bigger and bigger, I’m always hearing women tell me how awesome I am for still working out, and I always hear, “At that point in my pregnancy, I couldn’t even move!” So I have to appreciate the idea that any movement is good movement, and something is better than nothing. Which is a mantra and mentality that totally works for ANYONE who has a goal of regular exercise.

So, why is my workout called the KISS Workout? For lack of a better phrase, I just wanted to dub it the “Keep It Simple, Stupid” workout. I really didn’t want to go to the gym this day, but I also didn’t want to be left behind by my hubby and kids, so I went without much of a plan and ended up getting a decent workout in. It involves some walking, some rowing and some light weights. It’s suitable for beginners, and if you’re more advanced, you can always take the speed and incline up a notch or two for more of a challenge — and of course, you can add more time as well. Typically, when I reduce incline, I also increase speed, so I’m always being challenged. I also used 5-pound dumbbells on this one.


If I’m not running on a treadmill with a specific goal in mind, it’s hard for me to stay on it for any length of time, which is why I’m always mixing up my cardio equipment! It also helps pass the cardio time when I’m constantly having to adjust speed and incline — boredom fighter for sure.

What did your last simple-but-effective workout include? —Erin

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