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Beans! Cheese! Look What’s Back on the Menu (With Giveaway!)

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Remember those digestive issues I talked about late last month? And how I was pumped to take the Beano Back on the Menu Challenge and reintroduce a few foods that have in the past left me feeling gassy, bloated and generally miserable? Well, I did it! And It. Was. Awesome.
I honestly spent a lot of time thinking about the meal I wanted to do the challenge with. Should I cook something? Eat pizza? Ice cream? But, seeing that I had some serious cravings for Mexican, Chelly’s Cafe it was!
Pretty much every time we go to Chelly’s (which — confession — is a lot; we love the place), I get a taco salad, minus the cheese and beans, or Ryan and I split the fajitas and I give him all my cheese, beans and rice. Don’t get me wrong: I adore my usual two orders at Chelly’s. But knowing that Beano + Dairy Defense would allow me to eat problem foods like dairy, beans, vegetables and whole grains? Well, it was like a whole other culinary world unfolded in front of me.
And I immediately ordered the spinach dip.
Right before I took my first bite though, I pulled out my bottle of Beano + Dairy Defense from my bag …
And chewed a tablet! Gluten-free and in the flavor Raspberry Sorbet, it went down easy. (P.S. My doc said taking Beano + Dairy Defense was a-okay for me during pregnancy, but, of course, check with yours if you’re knocked up, too!)
And so did the chips and spinach dip. So, so, good.
We followed that up with the three-meat (shrimp, steak, chicken) fajitas for two …
Except this time I hoarded the beans, rice, cheese and sour cream all to myself. Give me all the gassy foods!
I ended up eating two of these fabulous fajitas — stuffed with everything!
The meal was delicious. If I had room, I would have demanded we go out for ice cream to test my superhero stomach dairy capabilities more, but alas, I was stuffed (and we even took home leftovers!).
And that’s when the real experiment began. Usually, about an hour after eating any problem foods, my stomach would begin to cramp, the toots would come and I’d generally just feel lousy. But, for once, that didn’t happen. Sure, I was full from eating a little too much, but I didn’t have any of the gastrointestinal stress that is the normal hallmark of eating dairy or beans for me. It was amazing — and truly liberating. (My husband also was a fan since, you know, no frat-boy-esque gas from my seat on the couch that evening.)
And that’s what I really love about Beano + Dairy Defense: That it helps you break down problem foods before they cause uncomfortable gas, pressure and bloating so that you can eat more of the foods you want without the worry. The secret is two natural enzymes that work with your body to make foods more digestible, plus you’ve got the gas prevention of Beano with a natural lactose aid for double protection.
According to a Beano survey, it’s estimated that 70 million Americans suffer from some form of digestive issue — and that many don’t even know dairy is a problem for them. One in five respondents of the survey also said it’s been more than a month since they truly savored a meal without the worry. Gosh knows, I know how that goes! Which is another thing I love about this product — it gives power back to foodies! Now, if I have a craving or want to splurge on a big meal out or I’m at restaurant that doesn’t make substitutions, I have an option: Beano + Dairy Defense! It really does work!

Beano + Dairy Defense Giveaway

Want to do your very own Back on the Menu Challenge? We’re giving away free Beano to five readers! All you have to do to enter to win (U.S. residents only, pretty please!) is leave a comment with what your problem foods are — and what meal you’d eat if you were to take the Back on the Menu Challenge. We’ll pick winners in about a week and notify them in the comments and via email.
And, remember, you can always pick up Beano products in supermarkets, pharmacies, mass merchandising outlets and health food stores nationwide. In addition to new Beano + Dairy Defense, Beano currently comes in three varieties: Beano Tablets, Beano Meltaways® and Beano To Go. For more info, check out www.beanogas.com.
Oh, cheese and beans, how I have missed you! So happy you’re back in my life! And spinach dip, I’ll totally be having you again. Thanks, Beano + Dairy Defense! —Jenn

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