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Biggest Loser Season 16 Week 3 Recap: More Pie, Dolvett?


biggest loser season 16 week 3 food challenge

Alison and Jen get a kick out of watching Dolvett and Jessie scarf down a piece of pecan pie. Credit NBC

* SPOILER ALERT!* We’re recapping tonight’s Biggest Loser episode (get all the recaps here!), so avert your eyes if you don’t want to know what happened.

We had double the challenges this week, and every contestant’s evil dream played out as the trainers stuffed their faces with calorie bombs.

When last we left Emmy, she rolled up in the Elimi-Limo and was surprised to see Bob Harper on the other end of the door. “Oh, my cow!” she exclaimed, which is different!

Over at the ranch, Dolvett, Jen and Jessie surprised the contestants in the gym with the Wall of Glory — pictures of the contestants when they were at the height of their athleticism.

Quote of the Week

From Jessie: “Whether you’re an athlete or not, we all want to be the best version of ourselves. The question is, how bad do you want that person back?”

The photos seemed to ignite a spark in the contestants. Rob took a look at his high school football picture and said “My glory picture hasn’t been taken yet.” He wants his moment of glory to come with a helping of winner confetti.

The Challenge

There are two challenges this week. The first one is a nutrition quiz, and the contestants have five minutes to cram in all the nutrition knowledge they can in the Hall of Food ‘n’ Stuff.

The winner of the quiz gets a 2-pound advantage at the weigh-in, and any incorrect answer has to be eaten by their trainers, meaning if the contestant doesn’t know that a slice of pizza has more than 15 grams of fat, then the trainer has to eat that slice of pizza. For starters, Jessie and Dolvett had to scarf down a slice of pecan pie (920 calories!). Then Dolvett and Jen had to make room for a burger and giant soda. After that, Dolvett and Jessie got egg rolls! The white team won the 2-pound advantage and the trainers won a nighttime of heartburn.

Back at Comeback Canyon, Bob pitted Emmy and Andrea against each other in the gym. Out of the gym, Bob wanted to get to the heart of Emmy’s issues with food. Emmy told Bob that her mother had a difficult upbringing and often went hungry. That translated into overcompensating and making sure that scarcity never happened again. So a lot of overfeeding happened in her past and she never changed those habits.

Challenge No. 2

biggest loser season 16 week 3 challenge white team

The white team’s strategy to switch off riders paid off in its cycling challenge win. Credit: NBC

The contestants have to cycle for 24.8 miles with the resistance cranked all the way up on their Spinning bikes. And there’s a big prize for the winners — an additional 4-pound advantage at the weigh-in. The three teams were neck and neck at the end, but the white team prevailed. Wow, do they have an advantage at the weigh-in — 2 pounds from the first challenge and 4 pounds from this one. But they were given a choice — take the 4-pound advantage or trade it for letters from home. But if they take the second prize, the blue and red teams get letters from home. The white team took that extra 4 pounds and the other teams got letters — It’s kind of a win-win for everyone.

The last-chance workout was pretty darn inspiring — people were pushing themselves past their comfort zones and making their trainers proud. “These are the best group of guys I’ve ever been with, bar none,” Mike told Dolvett. “For the first time in 26 years, I’m doing something for myself,” Chandra told Jessie. “I’m proud of myself, I’m proud of how far I’ve come, and I’m not going to be the reason that my team loses. I’m not going to be the person who’s going home.”

Comeback Canyon Weigh-In

The new Comeback Canyon contestants have consistently won over the other contestant — would it be the same result? Andrea lost 4 pounds and Emmy lost 6 so she gets to stay another week. It seems that the new person has that “second chance” momentum that keeps them fighting harder.

Ranch Weigh-In

The white team has quite the advantage, and it would take something short of a French fry binge to keep them from winning. How’d they do?

White team

  • Matt: 7
  • Rondalee: 3
  • Woody: 4
  • JJ: 3
  • Toma: 6
  • Sonya: 4

(The other teams are smelling blood in the water with that fairly weak showing, even with their 6-pound advantage.)

Red team

  • Rob: 5
  • Blake: 3
  • Jordan: 4
  • Mike: 9
  • Scott: 11

Blue team

  • Damien: 9
  • Lori: 3
  • Jackie: 2
  • Gina: 1
  • Chandra: 1

The white team squeaked out a safe spot but that sent the blue team back to the elimination room. Damien is immune and everyone else is at risk. Everyone had a strike against them, but Chandra got another vote and had the lowest percentage of weight loss so she is on her way to Comeback Canyon.

Andrea’s Update

The former cheerleader is down 60 pounds and while she was away, her husband jumped on the bandwagon and has also lost 50 pounds. Andrea directs a team of professional cheerleaders and can now do the moves right along with them instead of directing from the sidelines.

What to Expect Next Week

Spin those ping pong balls! It’s a lottery and the fate of the entire team rests on the weight of just one player.

Did you realize that a piece of pecan pie had 920 calories? Is it worth it? —Gail

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