Our Favorite Pregnancy Apps and Sites

During pregnancy there are so many questions. Is that weird stabbing feeling normal? What are Braxton Hicks? What do I do about this low back pain? And importantly: What should I name my baby? While some of your questions only a doctor should answer, there are a number of great sources for pregnancy information to ease your worries, mark the weeks as they pass and help you find the perfect name for your baby. Here are a handful of sites and pregnancy apps we love!

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8 Pregnancy Apps and Sites We Love

1. BabyCenter. The center for all things baby, BabyCenter has a weekly email update you must subscribe to and an app to help you track your pregnancy as it progresses. We particularly love that it compares your baby to fruits and vegetables so you know roughly the size of your wee one. Plus, once your baby arrives, you update your account and get relevant updates on milestones and baby development. I still subscribe and get updates for my 4-year-old!

2. What to Expect. While cheesy at times, the What to Expect site and app are great resources. With daily bits of info and the ability to connect with other moms at the same stage, this one is a solid resource for the expecting mom.

3. Social Security Administration. If the Social Security Administration’s popular baby name list isn’t on your radar, it should be. You can check out the list of popular baby names for any given year, search names to find their popularity and look up the change in popularity of a name over time. It was so fun to play with while I was debating names.

4. Power 20 Prenatal Workouts. Power 20 is available for Android and iOS and offers 20-minute prenatal workouts to keep you moving and strong during your pregnancy.

5. Contraction Timer. When the big day comes — or a false alarm occurs — you’ll want to have a contraction timer ready to go. My husband used this one, and I’d simply tell him when one started and when it was over. That way we had a clear picture of how close my contractions were to each other and how long they were lasting. Super helpful in deciding when to head to the hospital.

6. Nymbler. Nymbler is a fun baby name app. Plug names in, and it’ll give you suggestions for similar names, their meanings and popularity. While I wish it was a little more extensive, it’s still fun.

7. KellyMom. KellyMom isn’t a pregnancy app, but if you’re planning to breastfeed it is a fabulous resource for all things boob-related. I was able to find solutions to breastfeeding problems that even my doctors were unable to help me with. Two nipples up!

8. The Bump. Probably the best designed of all the pregnancy apps we tried, we particularly like how The Bump app gives you daily to-dos. From making time to connect with your baby to doing the not-as-much-fun stuff like reminding you to get your legal will together, it’s a fantastic mix of fun and practical.

What pregnancy apps did you love during your pregnancy? —Erin

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