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What Jenn’s Second Trimester Workout Modifications Look Like

I recently shared what pregnancy workout modifications have been looking like for me so that you could see an example of what one pregnant lady was doing during her second trimester. As always, we need to listen to our bodies — pregnant or not! — and do what feels good to us and what’s working for us. I promised an update of how my workouts were progressing, so here’s an update now that the bump is really bumping!


My Pregnancy Workout Modifications: Weeks 22-26

Weeks 22-23: No significant changes from the previous weeks, but running much more than a mile or two is getting uncomfortable — especially if the baby is pressing on my bladder (which is pretty often).

  • Pull-ups: Modified to body rows
  • Push-ups: Modified from knees (if there are only a few in a workout, I’ll do full ones on my toes with my hands and feet on weighted plates to leave room for my belly)
  • Burpees: Baby hop at the end and step feet back out and in for the push-up portion (from knees)
  • Box jumps: Modified to step-ups on one box below my pre-pregnancy box-jump height
  • Kettlebells: One weight down from pre-pregnancy
  • Olympic lifts: Reduced weight by about 25 percent
  • Jump rope: Small jumps without the rope
  • General weight-lifting: Reduced weight by about 25 percent
  • General cardio (running, rowing, bike): Reduced pace/speed/intensity
  • Ab exercises: Swap ab exercises for either planks or waiter bows (occasionally I’ll even swap them for squats if the workout doesn’t have much leg work)

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