What Would You Change About Your Body?

We all have things we nitpick about our bodies. Back in my younger days, it was stressing about my thighs or my then-nonexistent belly. Now that I’m older and wiser, I care less about how my body looks or those few (okay, 15) extra pounds I’m still working on and more about how my body functions. I’m more worried about being strong than looking a certain way. That sounds cliche and like something you’d expect to hear from a Fit Bottomed writer, but there’s something about injuries and pain that make you really appreciate what your body actually does, and it makes you much less concerned about what it weighs and whether you have a six-pack. Plus, having gone through the physical feats of pregnancy and childbirth and trying to set a good example for my kids, I can see the big picture — and it’s not only a picture of myself.

The video below asks people what they would change about their bodies. The differences between the adults’ answers and the kids’? Priceless.

Can’t see the video? Click here to see kids and adults answer one simple question.

We could all learn something from those kids!

What would you change about your body? I’d honestly love to be stronger and injury-resistant — like, pick-up-couches-by-myself stronger, not just the stronger that I get from working out. And the ability to fly would be really cool, as long as it didn’t come with wings that got in the way. —Erin

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