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Workout I Did: Fast/Slow, Up/Down

fast-slow-585Two things can up the ante in your workouts: adding faster intervals and adding incline of some sort. When you do both in one cardio workout? Well, it makes for one kick-ass sweat session! This 25-minute cardio workout can be done whether you’re inside on a treadmill or outside with a hill or stairs nearby. Heck, it can really be done on any piece of cardio equipment because you can increase your speed and when necessary, increase the resistance. I typically do it on a treadmill, but be creative! It can also be tailored to your fitness level. If you’re a walker, walk at a moderate pace when “slow” is indicated and at a fast clip when you want to go fast. If you’re a runner, jog for slow and speed up to a run for the fast pace. If you’re really fit? Run and sprint!

Fast/Slow, Up/Down Cardio Workout

Warm-up: 5 minutes walking

Alternate five times:
1 minute slow
1 minute fast
1 minute slow + an incline of 6 or more

Cool down: 5 minutes walking

This cardio workout goes by really quickly because you’re occupied with fiddling with the speed and inclines, but it’s surprisingly challenging. I’m always surprised at how tough a walking workout can be when you really up that incline!

Do you mess with inclines when you’re on the treadmill or seek out nearby hills? —Erin

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