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Reader Carly Gets Healthy — and Helps Others to Do the Same with the FBG Anti-Diet

We are so happy to be featuring a reader success story from our girl Carly! Not to give it all away (you gotta read it for yourself!), but Carly learned to get healthy the right way — and then was so inspired that she started helping others do the same with challenges and book clubs! She choose our book a few months back with a group of girls and got amazing results. Read on for details — and how you can get involved with her next one!


I’ve lived all over the place. I was born and raised in a small town in Illinois, moved to St. Louis for college, made the leap to Orlando for my first job out of college, hopped on a plane and moved to Vegas with my husband of one week, and finally ended up back in the central Florida area about a year ago.

All the moving was a real stress on my body. When we got to Vegas, I started experimenting with portion control. It was a HUGE help with my weight. I lost a few pounds instantly. I was just eating way more than my body needed. I worked out pretty consistently and lost a significant amount of weight … 15 pounds to be exact. I was thrilled.

Then we moved back to Florida. I was happy with my weight but not how I looked. I didn’t see muscle tone, I felt bloated, I was tired all the time. I needed a support system, someone to bounce my thoughts off of and someone that was going through the same feelings as me.

I found my way into a challenge group at exactly the right time. I learned how to eat what was right for my body, and I had a group of ladies on the same journey as me providing the encouragement that I needed to get my daily 30-minute workout in. I lost 5 more pounds, but most importantly, I could see the muscle definition that I had gained. Those 5 pounds got me to my goal weight, and I had never been happier with my body. Getting healthy is contagious; when you’re in a group with other ladies all trying the same things and working toward the same goal of just being happy and healthy, you want it more than ever. I was addicted. And I had to share this feeling with my friends and family.

So I did. I started running challenge groups on my own. I brought my family and friends into them, and they got addicted too. I became eager to finding new ways to inspire others, and that’s when I came across the book, The Fit Bottomed Girls Anti-Diet. It was perfect. The book made me laugh, and it felt like I was having a conversation with one of my best friends. I knew that this book could really make a difference in a lot of people’s lives, and I had to spread the healthy virus that came with it.

Two words: book club. My next challenge group was 100-percent focused on the Anti-Diet. We had a reading schedule and every day there was a question in regard to the reading that was discussed by all the ladies in our private Facebook group. We had nightly 10-minute fixes to complete on our own. It was interactive, it was fun, it was inspirational. It was my most successful group yet.

A lot was lost in those 30 days: pounds, inches, guilt, shame, self-hate. A lot was gained in those 30 days: self-love, peace, knowledge, new friends, happiness. The feedback was phenomenal. One-hundred percent of the women in the group had fallen in love with the Anti-Diet.

fbg-anti-dietResults from the FBG Anti-Diet Book Club

I know, I know. You want numbers. Keep in mind, this was all done the healthy way. We followed the 80/20 food rule in the book, got 30 minutes of exercise in daily, and discussed the book with a group of peers daily. That’s it. A healthy food plan + daily exercise + motivation = results. Check out some of those results now:

Carolyn: -5 LBS
Michelle: -14 INCHES
Andi: -4.5 LBS and -7.5 INCHES
Cindy: -7.75 INCHES
Pam: -3.5 LBS
Anna: -3.5 LBS

The new FBGs also had a LOT to say, too …

“-2.5 [pounds] which is fine, but what I learned mental was worth -50! I am in such a better place mentally with my diet and myself!” —Adele

“My face, arms, thighs and even my abs look trimmer and my pants keep falling down. My bathing suit is too big, too. I feel spectacular! The 80/20 eating regime was easy to follow and will be easy to continue for life. […] The book changed my life for the BEST!” —Carolyn

“My pants are looser and definitely been thinning down my thighs. And the hubby says I look great so I’m happy. Learned a ton from this challenge.” —Jeannie

“It’s MUCH less stressful to meal plan when considering the 80/20 rule. I don’t feel ‘forced’ to eat healthy all the time; I can have a ‘splurge’ in my dinner or an indulgent snack and not feel so guilty afterward.” —Erin

I had heard positive feedback and seen good results before, but this book really pushed everyone that extra mile. It was the exact thing we all needed to live that healthy, fit life we were looking for. This is a book that will be re-opened time and time again for further inspiration and reminders on how to get healthy and fit without the stress of going on a diet.

How You Can Get Great Results, Too

Have you experienced the FBG’s book, the Anti-Diet? Whether you answered yes or no, I’d LOVE for you to experience it with a group like the ladies above did. I promise that you will come out of the challenge happier, lighter (emotionally and maybe even physically!), and healthier. Fitness is better with friends.

Email me at carlymhussey@gmail.com if you’re ready to ditch the diet drama and learn how to live the Fit Bottomed Girl lifestyle. This challenge will run January 5 to February 3, 2015; just in time to jump start your New Year’s Resolution. I will even provide the book if you need it.

So … are you in?! Hit me up with any questions in the comments or on Twitter or Facebook! —Carly

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