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This One (Simple) Thing Changed My Health for the Better

As the year starts rounding down (How did it become December? … Seriously!), I naturally begin to reflect on the past 365 days. What worked … what didn’t. What successes I had and what “mistakes” I learned from. It’s already been a year of a lot of firsts (with more to come in 2015!), but a few weeks ago, Karen poised a really interesting and thought-provoking question as a Question for the Week idea for us FBGs (including you!) to answer: What’s the one thing you did this year to be healthier?

It honestly stumped me for weeks. Sure, I try new healthy foods and workouts, but really, I’m kind of in my healthy living jam and feel pretty good about it. Was there really one thing I did that changed my health for the better? And, then, one day as I literally switched my desk over from standing to what I’ve been loving calling “Swopping” (more on that in a second), it dawned on me.


This is the year I stopped sitting as much! To show you exactly what I mean and how I did it, especially during my work day, I made a video.

The health risks of sitting have been well researched and discussed, and although I haven’t seen, like, a difference in my body shape or composition, I do feel like sitting less during the day via my Swopper and Varidesk has helped me to have more energy and be more productive. Plus, my muscles seem to be happier and less tight from the change in positions, too. And, now when I do sit down, it feels pretty darn luxurious — and like I’m really taking a break, not just being. Less sitting for the win!

Stay tuned as the other FBGs weigh in over the next few weeks with what they’ve changed this year to be healthier — it just might inspire you to make a new change, too. (Even within this year as there’s still time!)

In the meantime, tell me: Do you find yourself sitting less now that you’re more aware of the dangers, too? —Jenn

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