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Why Stepping on a LEGO Hurts So Much


If you’ve ever stepped on a LEGO, you know the pain is right up there with childbirth. Find out why! If you’ve ever wondered if sonographers get the baby’s sex wrong? They do. And if you were wondering: Yes, you are one hell of a mother.

Why stepping on a LEGO hurts so darn much. —Eye Opener

A humorous reminder: Don’t text and drive. —The Atlantic

Priceless reactions when the baby’s sex was misjudged during the ultrasound. —Today

I don’t want my kids to ever have social media accounts. Is that possible? —PopSugar Moms

Maybe metabolism explains why we give birth when we do. —ScienceDaily

When relationships are rough, find something to connect you. —EWM

“You are one hell of a mother.” —Coffee and Crumbs

Blacken fish like a pro. —Fit Bottomed Eats

Need some quiet? Ditch the tunes during workouts! —Fit Bottomed Girls

A baby-wearing workout. —Oh Joy!

You know what hurts worse than stepping on a LEGO? Stepping on a princess tiara. Explain that, science. —Erin 

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