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5 Cocktail Mixers That Are as Fun as They Are Healthy

Classic cocktails are classics for a reason. They’re awesome — and stand the test of time. But these five new cocktail mixers? Well, they certainly shake things up — har har! And, in true Fit Bottomed Eats fashion, we’re sharing only ones that have a little something extra going on for Cocktails Week. All are either lower calorie, all-natural or downright healthy! As always, all good things in moderation though, fit foodies … now let’s see what’s shakin’!
1. Addition Cocktail Spice. Wanna get spicy with your cocktails and drinks? Us, too. Which is why we’re simply smitten with these little bottles of condensed liquid spice blends that you can drop into your cocktails and drinks. We’re talking flavors like rosemary, cardamom, Thai green chili, cinnamon and pink pepper. Simply place a few drops into your favorite drink, mix and enjoy! Made of only water, the herb/flavor and some alcohol, these are pretty much (no) sugar, spice and everything nice! We love playing around with them in basic drinks like gin and tonics and vodka martinis — but also, Moscow Mules, wine spritzers and even plain sparkling water for a special herbal treat.
2. Be Mixed. Some days you feel like being the world’s most creative mixologist, but some days, you really just want something that tastes good, isn’t a total calorie bomb, and requires little to no effort on your part. Enter Be Mixed. Each bottle is a single serving of all-natural mixer with no sugary additives (and no calories) and can be added to, well, almost anything. I tried the Ginger Honey Lime flavor (they have Cucumber Mint Lime coming soon) with vodka, then tequila, and finally with whiskey (oh, the things I do for you guys! I am such a giver) and, while each liquor brought out slightly different flavors, each one was delicious.

3. Hint Peppermint Water. I don’t normally think of peppermint as a flavor for a mixer for anything but a hot cocoa drink, but this super subtly flavored water (no sugar, no artificial flavors, no calories, just like other Hint beverages) ended up being a really interesting (and tasty) mixer with some vodka and tonic water. It didn’t taste like I’d dipped a candy cane or anything in there — it was just slightly minty and surprisingly refreshing on a warm evening. It would also be a great option to sip on all on its own or just with some club soda if you’re going the booze-free route.

4. Owl’s Brew. We featured a healthy cocktail recipe that used Owl’s Brew (and green juice!) earlier, and we love this healthy cocktail mixer so much that we had to mention it again. Tea in cocktails is pretty darn awesome, and these pre-made blends of tea plus all-natural flavors and ingredients (think lemon peel, coconut water and chai spices, to name a few), add a fun kick to any cocktail you’re making. Mix two parts Owl’s Brew with one part your fave liquor, plus some juice or sparking water and you’re good to go. Or, make one of their fun recipes here. So many to choose from!
5. Kombucha. Susan has a favorite brand (and is working on making her own brew!), but really, kombucha of all kinds is great in cocktails. Just gently (we learned this the hard way once … ) mix your fave kombucha flavor with a mild flavored liquor (gin and vodka work well), plus a little juice or ginger beer (or no. 1!) and you’re on your way to drink deliciousness.
What’s your favorite healthy cocktail mixer? —Jenn & Kristen

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