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Hit the Track (And Let the Kids Run, Too)

I recently shared this track workout over on Fit Bottomed Girls, and I thought it would be the perfect fit for mamas looking for a challenging workout. Also, I’ve been busy, so this was an easy post to throw in here! Hashtag honest journalism. Truly though, if you’re like me, you’re jumping for joy that it’s nice enough to get outside and get the kids moving in the warmth again. The other day we walked to the library, ran around outside all day, walked to the park and back — and my 3-year-old was so worn out he fell asleep on the couch at 6:30 p.m. Amazing stuff.

This workout will get you outside, and it’s awesome if you have a track that’s open to the public. If your kids are old enough, give them a few balls to kick around the football field or let them run with you. You get a workout, they get to run amok. Win win! This workout also keeps the track from being boring, and it can be modified to your level (or even if you don’t have a nearby track). If you’re a walker, speed up during intervals. If you’re a runner, push yourself during the intervals. Depending on your fitness level and ability to run longer distances, you can add more laps and more stairs as you wish! Or you know, as your kids let you.



Hit the Track Workout

Lap 1: 

Walk to warm up.

Lap 2: 

Pick up the pace. Push yourself during straights and slow it down on the curves.


Find stairs and run up and down a few times (this all depends on how big your stadium is — it’s your call!). No bleachers? Do step-ups on a bench or do walking lunges.

Lap 3: 

Maintain your steady pace. During this lap, do high knees for 100 yards (or until you need to slow it down!).


Hit your stairs again. No bleachers? Do step-ups on a bench or do walking lunges.

Lap 4-5: 

Maintain your steady pace. Push yourself during straights; slow it down on the curves.


Hit your stairs/step-ups/walking lunges.

Lap 6: 

Walk for a cool down.

Optional: Go for a long/short jump if you’ve got an open sand pit. You can also join your kids in running amok.

Do your kids go bonkers in a big, open space? —Erin

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