If There Was a Magic Bullet to Being Healthy, Would You Take It?

A healthy lifestyle affords me the opportunity to do anything and everything!

What if it was completely effortless to stay fit? I’m talking a parallel universe: goodbye, healthy food choices and active lifestyle; hello, anything goes!

Contrary to advertising B.S., there is no magic bullet or single supplement that can keep a body fit, but what if there was? Would you take it? And if you did, how would your life be different?


If you are new to this whole healthy lifestyle thing, your immediate answer may be an unequivocal “yes!” But after having thought about it for a while, my answer was decidedly “no!”

Check out the video below to see what other rewards a healthy lifestyle has to offer.

I posed the preceding question to a few of the FBGs and now I’m asking you! Think about it and leave a comment. You may be surprised at your own answer. —Karen


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